A Brilliant Brazilian Barbecue | Cabana Leeds Road To Rio Summer Menu Launch

Last week, me and Jamie were very kindly invited down to Cabana Leeds to come and taste a few things from their new Road To Rio Summer menu. After stuffing myself full of delicious Brazilian food, I thought I would tell you all about it.

Cabana is the Uk’s hottest grill from Brazil. Flame grilled skewers cooked fresh to order, with street food, cocktails, and interiors inspired by the beaches, streets, and markets of modern Brazil.

Cabana Leeds' store front.

A picture of what Cabana Leeds looks like from the outside.

Once we had arrived at the beautiful restaurant, we were kindly greeted by the friendly woman who invited us, who said hi, and that we could just head in and get a drink. After heading into the modern and spacious restaurant, we said hello to a few other staff members and headed to the bar to order a drink.

A short glass containing a cocktail.

A picture of Cabbana Leeds’ Raspberry Caipirihna.

After a quick chat with the lovely barman, he handed us a delicious Raspberry Caipirihna, which is a really nice and Summery twist on a classic Brazilian Caipirihna. It was so tasty and sweet, but as it included Raspberries, it was also a little sour at the same time. With our delicious drinks in hand, we went to find a table. We originally chose a table near the back but after Jamie had taken a few pictures, we decided to move as we wanted to be a little more near the action.


Once we had moved, we chatted and sipped our drinks for a little while, and then a lovely waitress asked us if we would like some Malagueta Hummus and Carrots. You know how I like Hummus, well this was incredible. At first it did have a slight spicy kick, I think this was something to do with the Malagueta Sauce, but as I kept eating the gorgeous Hummus it started to get quite mild. The Hummus was also the perfect consistency. It wasn’t too chunky, and it wasn’t too mushy. Uhh! I could have eaten it by the bucket load, and when the waitress offered me even more later in the evening, I of course said yes.

Some pieces of Chicken and some sauce wrapped up in a Lettuce leaf.

A picture of Cabana Leeds’ Malagueta Chicken Wraps.

We sipped our drinks for another minute or two, and then the waitress brought us some Malagueta Chicken Wraps. These were little pieces of beautifully cooked Chicken smothered in delicious Malagueta Sauce, and wrapped in crunchy Lettuce. These were delicious. The Chicken was beautifully cooked, the sauce was spicy, but not too spicy that it blew my tongue out, and the Lettuce had the perfect crunchiness, and went perfectly with the Chicken and the sauce.

A bowl of Curry and Rice with a Chicken Skewer.

A picture of the Cabana Leeds’ Bahian Coconut Curry.

After finishing the Malagueta Chicken Wraps, the wonderful waitress brought us another drink, and then after a couple of minutes she also brought us both a bowl of Bahian Coconut Curry. This is a mild Curry rich in Coconut Milk, and is served with Chicken Skewers and Biro Biro Rice. This was fantastic. I’m not a lover of spicy Curry but I absolutely loved this. It had a really creamy but sweet taste to it. It was so nice that when I was offered another bowl of it later in the evening, I gladly accepted.

Some deep fried Squid with Sweet Potato Fries.

A picture of Cabana Leeds’ Lulapapa Squid and Sweet Potato Fries.

These next two dishes were created for those who are sick and tired of the same old sandwich. The first of which is Salchipapa, which is Pork and Papaya Sausages, Sweet Potato Fries, and Malagueta Mayo. This had to be my favourite dish of the evening. The Sausages were extremely nice and juicy. They had a really nice sweet kick, which I guess had something to do with the Papaya. I’ve never had Sweet Potato Fries before, but now i’m well and truly hooked. As their name suggests, they had a very sweet and moreish taste to them. The Mayo was a great added touch, and the Malagueta Sauce gave the entire dish the savoury taste it needed to cut through all the sweetness. The second of which was Lulapapa, which is basically the same, but instead of Sausage, it’s Squid. I didn’t eat this as the only Sea Food I can eat is Crab and Lobster. Jamie ate it though, and he did say that it was delicious, but I don’t know why anyone would eat Squid.

Some Churros and Chocolate Sauce.

A picture of Cabana Leeds’ Churros.

I had finished my Raspberry Caipirinhas, so I decided to switch to Coke as the alcohol was going to my head a little. After the lovely waitress had brought me my Coke, she then asked us if we would like some Churros with Chocolate Sauce. If you don’t already know, Churros are basically fried Doughnuts. They were gorgeous, and cooked beautifully. They were light and crispy on the outside, and fluffy on the inside. The Chocolate Sauce was to die for. It was that nice I could have drunken a whole bottle of it.

After all that food. I was absolutely stuffed, and felt as big as a house. The evening was drawing to a close, so we said our thank you’s and goodbye’s and headed for our train.

I had an incredible time at Cabana Leeds, and if you haven’t already, I highly recommend you pop in and check out their amazing Road To Rio Summer menu.

Cabana Leeds actually have a little set menu offer going on. From Monday to Friday until 5pm, you can get two outstanding courses for just £9.99. There’s also an early bird menu, that is available everyday from 5-6pm, and consists of a main course, two sides, and a drink for only £9.99. It’s a steal right?

I would just like to say a massive thank you to both Cabana, and MCA Pr, for inviting both me and Jamie. I had a fantastic time, and as I said, I really recommend you check them out.

Have you been to Cabana Leeds`z before? What did you order? What should I order the next time I visit? Please let me know down below.

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Luke x

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  1. Yep, I could polish off those chicken wraps no problem at all! The food looks great. Stephen

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