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At Christmas time, you may remember I posted a review of some Yankee Candles I purchased from Love Aroma. Well, as a little thank you, Love Aroma very kindly sent me a little gift. I did say that as a thank you for being so kind in sending me a gift, I would tell you all what I thought of it. Well, I put it in my candle drawer, and totally forgot about it. Well I finally got around to using it, and I thought I would share.

The three things they very kindly sent me were…

A Yankee Candles White Bowl Melt Warmer.

The Yankee Candles Pure Essence 12 Wax Melts Tube Gift Set.
A tiny little bottle of Myrrh.

A 20% off my next candle voucher.

The Yankee Candle White Petal Wax Melt Warmer is beautiful. It has a lovely petal shaped pot bowl with a metal frame that looks like a twisted flower stem. It’s supposed to give a flower effect. It’s so pretty and it looks perfect late at night sat in front of my tv burning away.

The Yankee Candle Pure Essence 12 Wax Melt Tube Gift Set contains 12 totally different scents. From some of their newest launches, to some beloved classics.

The gift set contains…


Aloe Water.

Baby Powder.

Honey Blossom.

Ginger Dusk.

Champagna Blossom.

Late Sunset.

Pink Sands.

Fresh Cut Roses.

Lovely Kiku.

A Child’s Wish.

The Cassis is supposed to smell of blackcurrants, but it has a very strong floral undertone. It’s smells gorgeous but I was expecting more of a fruitier scent. It’s really nice and it fills the room with the most intriguing scent, but I think it would be better as a large jar.

The Aloe Water is to die for. It is that perfect clean scent. It works perfectly in a bathroom or kitchen as it neutralises any bad odours. It has an extremely outdoorsy scent to it, but with a touch of warmth.

The Baby Powder is one of Yankee Candles biggest sellers, and I can definitely see why. It smells exactly like Baby Powder. It has a slight floral scent to it, but it just enhances the Baby Powder.

The Honey Blossom is extremely floral, but it also has a very musky undertone. It does make your room smell like a bouquet of flowers, but it has a dark side to it.

The Ginger Dusk is that quintessential back street clothes shop scent. It has an extremely spicy undertone. It’s a scent that you know you’ve smelt before when you walk into an old vintage clothes shop.

The Champagna Blossom wasn’t really for me. It was too floral for my liking. It would be perfect for those who like the garden kind of scents Yankee Candles offer.

The Late Sunset has an extremely musky scent. It’s that scent, when you’re sat out in the garden on a late summers evening. Uh! it’s to die for.

The Pink Sands is kind of strange. It has a very sweet smell to it, but every so often you get a hit of something sour. It’s really hard to describe it, but if you’ve smelt the Vanilla Lime, it’s a little like that but with a little something added.

The Fresh Cut Roses, is as you would expect. It’s like dipping your room in roses. If you aren’t a roses fan like me, this won’t be to your taste.

The Lovely Kiku is one of the more floral scents. It has chrysanthemums in there, so you know your room will smell like a florists.

A Child’s Wish has to be my favourite of the bunch. It is extremely masculine. It puts me in mind of a high class men’s cologne.

As you can see, the gift set has something for everyone. Whether you like floral, spicey, fruity, or clean scents, it has it covered.

The design is gorgeous, and they are all little flowers so they fit perfectly into my wax melt burner.

The scents are supposed to last for 8 hours but they last so so much longer. I’ve not actually been able to use a full melt they last so long.

The scent payoff is amazing. I lit it in my room upstairs, and you could smell it through out the entire house.

The entire collection retails for £15, which works out at £1.25 a melt. Which for the scent payoff, the use you get out of them, and the different scents you get, it is extremely good value for money.

The thing I didn’t like about them was, when you remove them from their plastic wrapping because they are so flaky in texture, they instantly started to fall apart.

I have only used the Myrrh once as it really isn’t to my taste. It has a very strong spicy oriental smell and I prefer fruitier scents.

Overall, I would have to give the burner a 9 out of 10, as it looks incredibly cute sat in front of my TV. The gift set an 8.5 out of 10. It loses a few points because of the flakyness, and the Myrrh a 5 out of 10 as it really wasn’t for me.

I would highly recommend you pop into Love Aroma, and pick yourself or someone you love either of the wax melt gift set or wax burner up. It would make a fabulous gift for either you or someone you love.

I am a massive fan of Love Aroma. It most definitely has to be my favourite store, uh! i could spend hours in there looking at all the different candles.

If you would like to buy either the gift set, the wax melt burner, or the myrrh, you can buy them in one of their beautiful stores, or online here.

Have you bought any new candles lately? What’s your all time favourite candle scent? Please let me know down below.

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