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Hi all my wonderful readers. I hope you’re all having a brilliant day.

As you may already know, I am a massive candle addict. That’s why when I saw that Jo Malone in Leeds’ Victoria Quarter were having an event to launch their new shower oils, I had to attend, and I thought I would tell you lovely lot all about it.

Upon arriving at their beautiful and modern store, which was extremely full of glass, I was greeted by a very nice person who like at most of the events I attend, handed me a glass of champagne. I later found out it was British champagne, which isn’t actually champagne, but moving on.

We decided to just have a little wander around and look at all their lovely products.

We started with their body butters, which  ended up getting on the end of my nose, haha! Then we moved on to what I know, candles! We basically went around sniffing every different candle, from the Wood Sage and Sea Salt, which smells like Christmas to me, to the Orange Blossom, which smelt extremely floral to me, and loads more.

As we were looking at all the different candles, a really friendly woman asked us if we would like a brownie. The first one I tried was the White Chocolate which was strangely kind of nutty and had a weird coffee after taste even though there wasn’t any coffee in it. The second I tried was the Dark Chocolate. It was really nice and indulgent, uh! I could have eaten that all night.

We had done a little research before we came and set out looking for the three new shower oil scents but in their candle counterparts.

After looking around for a little while longer, the manager and our host for the evening brought the entire store to a quiet.

She started by telling us all about why we were here.

They had released three new shower oils to bring a little luxury to our everyday routine. The three new shower oils come in three scents, Lime, Basil and Mandarin, Blackberry and Bay, and lastly Peony and Blush Suede. She then started to explain how to use them.

You add a little drop to your hands, and apply in circular motions, starting from your ankle and work upwards. The circular motions and working upwards help to increase your bodies natural blood circulation. The upwards motions can also inprove your skins firmness.

She then told everyone that they had a special guest. Filmore and Union, a leading juice and smoothie maker, who were there to create two drinks to go along with the new launches, plus give us a live juice making demonstration.

She finished speaking, and we all moved over to the Filmore and Union demonstration area.

The first drink was supposed to compliment the Lime, Basil and Mandarin fragrance. It contained, Cucumber, Lime, Apple, and a whole host of other goodness. I got where they were coming from, but it was far too earthy for me and reminded me of grass. It was nice, but far too earthy for me. After wandering around for a little while longer looking for a candle someone told me I had to try, we were handed another drink. This one was suposed to compliment the Blackberry and Bay fragrance. I prefered this one. It contained, Jasmine Tea, Strawberries, and a few other lovely things. It was really nice, and I may have to pop  In to Filmore and Union to grab a little bottle of it. The brownies I tried earlier were also from Filmore and Union. That means that they are made from all natural ingrediants. That means they’re healthier for you right? That means I can eat more of them, haha!

After we had drank our drinks, we headed to the queue for the hand and arm massages.

While looking for the queue, we met a really nice blogger called, Shirene, who runs A Little Va Va Voom. Her blog is all about living a petite life.

After chatting about everything, blogging, social media, basically everything under the sun. It was time for our massage.

I was introduced to Joanne, and she was going to do my massage. She explained that I had a little choice to make, which fragrance I would like . Because I had already smelt all of the wonderful scents, I went for the Lime, Basil and Mandarin, as it was the more gender neutral of the three.

She started by massaging a little of the Lime, Basil and Mandarin shower oil into my arm, and then lightly spraying it with a little water to activate the oil and release the scent. After she had massaged and spritzed me with water, she started to remove the oil with a warm towel that had been infused with the scent. She then started to massage a little of the Lime, Basil and Mandarin cream into my hand and arm, and then to finish everything off, she sprayed a little of the fragrance, hust to lock in the scent.

I really enjoyed my massage from Joanne. She was very attentive and told me everything she was doing, as she was doing it. I really love it when people take into consideration that I’m visually impaired.

After our massages, the event started to draw to a close so we decided to leave. On our way out, we were handed a little goodie bag containing a little ribbon wrapped box containing a mini Lime, Basil and Mandarin fragrance and cream. I love the fragrance and I was really glad to recieve a little bottle of it. I loved it that much that I went back and bought the full size bottle, uh! It’s so nice.

Overall I am very impressed by Jo Malone’s new shower oils. Now, they are quite pricey, retailing at £32 a bottle, so they’re either something you give or get as a gift, or you splurge on yourself. If you would like to purchase one of the new three shower oils, you can either pop into one of the many Jo Malone stores up and down the country, or you can purchase them online, here.

The event was also to launch their new Geranium and Walnut scrub. As there was quite a lot of people at the event, we didn’t get a chance to try it out so they booked us in for another massage to try it out. The massage was pretty much the same as above but I chose a different scent. Rather than going for the Lime, Basil and Manderin, I went for the Blackberry and Bay. It’s a much warmer and deeper scent. The only way I can describe it is, it’s a autumn or winter scent, not a summer scent. It has Blackberries, and Apples in to create that sweet fruity scent, but it also has Bay in there to give you a more musky undertone. She started by using the new scrub to lightly buff my arms. It’s a wonderful scrub that can be used everyday. It has the usual scrubbery bits in there, but they’re really small and really light.The scent is really nice, but it wasn’t for me. The Geraniums were too strong, and I really don’t like stinking of flowers. If you’re looking for a light scrub you can use everyday, then it’s really good, but if you hate flower smells I suggest you stay away because you will not like it.

I would just like to say thank you to Jo Malone for having me, and I had a wonderful time.

Have you purchased anything from Jo Malone? What was it? What are your favourite Jo Malone scent? Please let me know down below.


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Luke x

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