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The wonderful people over at Cornerstone very kindly sent me one of their shaving subscription boxes, and I thought I would tell you all about it.
Cornerstone, is a Uk based men’s shaving brand that offers a flexible regular supply of shaving products, delivered straight to your door.
The way it works is, you pick which of their products you would like to receive, and then you tell them how often you shave, simple! They then send you your chosen products just as you’re about to run out. That way you don’t have to worry about having a good shave. If you want to change the frequency of your delivery, add or remove anything from your box, or stop all together, it just takes a few seconds of your time.
In the lovely package Cornerstone kindly sent me there was.

Cornerstone Metal Razor Handle.

6 Cornerstone German Engineered Blades.

Cornerstone Pre-Shave Facial Scrub.

Cornerstone Sensitive Shaving Gel.

Cornerstone Sensitive Cooling Post Shave Balm.
The Cornerstone Metal Razor Handle, is crafted in Britain from strong lightweight Aluminium Alloy, and is optimised for control and precision. The handle also stands upright, so it stays clean.
The handle is incredibly light and easy to use, especially when you have a particularly stubborn area, and you’re shaving the same area for several minutes. The handle is also quite long, so you can cover a lot more area in shorter strokes and shorter time. I really like the personal touch of the handle. When you place your first order of blades, Cornerstone give you an engraved handle for free!
The Cornerstone Blades, are made by German engineers, so they’re supposed to stay sharper for longer, and give you a more comfortable shave. The razor blade is mounted on a flexible head, and has five fine sharp blades as well as an aloe and vitamin E strip to offer a close comfortable shave.
The movement of the blades was a little strange at first, but after using it for a little while now, I quite like it. The blades are incredibly sharp, but that means that I get a closer shave, and I can get a baby soft chin with minimal effort in half the time.
The Cornerstone Pre -Shave Face Scrub, is used before shaving to prevent nicks, cuts, and shaving bumps. The exfoliating beads are supposed to release ingrown hairs, reduce shaving spots, unblock pores, and lift dead skin. The face scrub contains Aqua Water, Coconut, Charcoal, and Menthol, so even though it’s a scrub, it’s good for your skin.
The beads are incredibly fine and small, perfect to use on your face. I wasn’t particularly a fan of the smell. For some reason, it smells of soap. I’m not entirely sure why. The results on my face were amazing. I had a particularly stubborn hair that I couldn’t get rid of, but after a couple of scrubs it was gone
The Cornerstone Sensitive Shaving Gel, protects and rehydrates your skin to help reduce shaving irritation. It’s perfectly formulated to give a comfortable shave rather than creating a fluffy white cloud on your face. It’s also suitable for sensitive skin. The shaving gel contains Aqua Water, Glycerine, Ginger, Euclayptus, and Limonene.
The shaving gel doesn’t really lather up which is perfect for me as I prefer to be able to feel where I’m shaving. The result after using the shaving gel was outstanding. I was expecting a little bit of stubble but my chin, upperlip, and sideburns were completely smooth. I even had a little bit of stubborn hair in the corners of my chin and it was gone in one shave. The smell of this is quite intriguing. It smells of lime and mint. I get the lime, but not sure why it smells of mint, because there’s no mint in there.
The Cornerstone Post Shave Balm, is supposed to cool, refresh, and moisturise your skin to help retain your skins moisture. The Post Shave Balm is also suitable for sensitive skin and contains Aqua Water, Honey, and Peppermint.
I love a good Post Shave Balm, it’s mainly because I always in some way or another cut myself, and it helps seal all the places I cut so I don’t look like I’ve been mauled by a Bear, haha! It heals up everything really quickly and i was extremely impressed. This one smells extremely of Peppermint, and I love Peppermint, well as long as it’s not too minty.
All of Cornerstone’s products were developed with sensitive skin in mind by British dermatologists and are only tested on humans. All of Cornerstone’s products are vegetarian, and both the Pre-Shave Scrub and the Sensitive Shaving Gel are vegan. The Post Shave Balm isn’t as it contains Honey. All of Cornerstone’s products are parabin free. As you can see, Cornerstone look after your skin.
I am very impressed with Cornerstone, and I would have to rate them a nine out of ten. My face has never felt so smooth and hair free. The only thing I would change is the smell of the Pre-Shave Scrub. A scrub isn’t supposed to smell of soap. Other than that the entire range is outstanding.
If you would like to purchase any of Cornerstone’s amazing products, you can purchase them from their website here.
I would just like to say a massive thank you to Cornerstone for kindly sending me their amazing products. Once I have used up everything I’ll definitely be repurchasing the entire range and I highly recommend you check them out.
What’s your favourite shaving products? I love to try new ones so please leave me some recommendations.

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Luke x

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