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A couple of days ago I was very kindly invited by Urika to come check out the beautiful Lush York and all their new spring ranges, and after having an absolutely amazing night, I thought I would tell you all about it.

After Apple Maps decided to send us on a little detour, god I hate that thing, both me and Jamie finally arrived at the beautiful Lush York store. Once we had entered the store, we were kindly greeted by some of the friendly staff who said hi and offered us a drink. There was either a really nice Lemonade, or a really yummy Raspberry and Elderflower drink. I went with the Raspberry and Elderflower drink as it sounded more spring like than the Lemonade. There was also some delicious vegan and vegetarian snacks but I didn’t have any as I had just eaten.

Lush DrinksLush Snacks
After everyone else had arrived, Louisa, the store manager introduced herself and her wonderful staff, and after all the introductions had finished, she started to tell us all about what would happen throughout the evening, she said that there would be demonstrations of all the new products, but first it was time for a little fun.

Louisa and her staff had come up with three little games to keep us all interested. The first of which was find the Fluffy Egg. Throughout the store there was loads of hidden Fluffy Eggs, one of their new bath bombs, and the first one to find three of them won a Fluffy Egg of their very own. The next game was to do with their strange but fun product, Fun. Everyone had to make something to do with Alice in Wonderland, and the best one won a Sunflower Bubble Bar which is only available in some of the Mother’s Day gift sets. Me and Jamie made a White Rabbit, well it was more like it had been ran over by a truck, haha! The last and final game was more like a challenge than a game. Everyone had to take a picture of something in the store and post it to Instagram, and the one with the most likes won one of the new gift sets.

After all the fun and games had been had, it was time for some product demonstrations.

Lush Bunch of Carrots Bubble Bars
We first saw a few of the Bubble Bars including the Bunch of Carrots, which definitely has to be one of my favourite products of this years Easter range. The Bunch of Carrots is a collection of three bubble bars all shaped like Carrots, I know it’s a shocker haha! The main difference between last years Bunch of Carrots and this years is that they’re now pink instead of orange. It’s apparently something to do with Alice In Wonderland but i’m not sure what. You use the Bunch of Carrots a little like the Bubble Wands at Christmas and you just give them a good swish about in your bath. The Bunch of Carrots has a very zesty kind of a scent, which is right up my street. The next Bubble Bar we saw was Ultraviolet. This smelt wonderful and just like those sweets you used to get as a kid. It creates lovely silky bubbles in your bath so it’s perfect for a little indulgence. We also got to see the Sunflower Bubble Bar in action which smells divine and strangely a little like Brightside . It’s a shame it’s only available in a gift set as I would totally buy it.

Lush Somewhere Over The Rainbow Soap
Next we saw the new Somewhere Over The Rainbow soap, which when it’s in it’s big display version looks extremely cool as it has all the colours of the rainbow running through it, hence the name. It has a mixture of Sicilian Mandarin, Neroli, and Rose, in it so I think it’s supposed to be relaxing but it’s not my favourite smell. We then saw my favourite product of the spring ranges, the Sunrise soap. This just wreaks of Oranges, and if I didn’t already have ten tonne of soap, I would definitely be buying it.

We then moved on to all the many new bath bombs, and there were a lot.

Lush Golden Egg Bath Bombg
The first one was the Which Came First. I thought this sounded really cool, it’s a little on the expensive side but you do get three bath bombs out of it. It’s a massive egg that you crack and in the middle there’s another bath bomb but you can get another two bath bombs out of the shell. It’s quite unique but I don’t know if I would actually buy it. The next bath bomb we saw was Humpty Dumpty, which when you drop into the bath releases an egg, well in bath bomb form, I don’t mean an actual egg. Humpty Dumpty sounds like a good idea, but I’m sorry , it looks really creepy. The next bath bomb we saw was the Golden Egg which is Jamie’s favourite Easter product. It’s nice and absolutely full of glitter, but it smells too much like Honey for me and i’m more of a citrus kind of guy.

After seeing all the amazing new products in action, it was time to do a little wondering and check out some of the old favourites. I decided to check out the Bunch of Carrots again as well as the Sunrise soap, and the Bouncy Bunny, which is an Orange scented bath jelly which I took a fancy to. After a little more wondering I decided to pick up a few things, well the Bouncy Bunny Bath Jelly, and the Flowering Tea Bubble Bar, and after making my little purchase it was time to go, so we found Louisa and said our goodbyes, but before we left we were handed a little goodie bag filled with some of the new products which were the Somewhere Over The Rainbow soap, The Yummy Mummy Shower Cream, which is the new Mother’s Day shower cream that for some reason smells like the Peeping Santa from the Christmas range, a lovely Golden Egg, and lastly a wonderful Bunch of Carrots.

I had an absolutely amazing time at Lush York

Lush Yorkand if you’re passing anytime soon I highly recommend you check them out. I would just like to thank Louisa and all the amazing staff for having us.

Have you checked out any of the new Lush Mother’s Day or Easter ranges? What did you think? What’s your favourite product? Please let me know down below.

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Luke x

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  1. Hello Luke, sounds like you had a great time at Lush York.

    Have you ever been to ‘Betty’s’ in either York or Harrogate?

    “Betty’s” is a tea room the original is in Harrogate, the York tea room is a stones throw from the Minster.

    I used to drive my wife over from our home in Cheshire to one or other on Sunday afternoons for tea. Now living in California it is a bit of a long drive, but your post about ‘Lush York’ just brought back so many great memories.


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