Accidental Adventure | Abusive Relationship With Lamp Posts

Hi all my wonderful readers. I hope you’re all having a brilliant day.

I haven’t done one of these Accidental Adventures posts in quite a while. I would like to say it’s because I haven’t had any accidents lately, unfortunately that’s not the case, haha!

Me and lamp posts are NOT friends!

A couple of months ago, me and Jamie decided to do a little bit of shopping in Leeds. We did all of our shopping, we picked up some wonderful things, and decided to go for something to eat. We finished our meal and headed for the train home.

After walking to the station, we arrived at the little area just outside The Cockpit. The Cockpit is a little music venue that has recently closed down.

Even though I had my cane with me, when I am with Jamie, I tend not to use it. It’s more for Jamie’s safety as I usually end up whacking him with it.

It had gotten quite dark after our meal, so both me and Jamie were being extra careful.

Outside The Cockpit, there is a little pathway with a few lamp posts and even though we were being extra careful, I still managed to walk into one of them.

I’m not usually phased by this, but it was extremely busy when I had my little accident. Not only did quite a few people see me walk into a lamp post but while I was in one of the elevators going up to our platform, a really nice woman asked me if I was ok after hitting the post.

I could have died of embarrassment. It was really nice of her to ask if I was ok, but I turned bright red. It’s not the fact that I walked into the post, or that people saw me do it. It was the fact that once I had gotten over the embarrassment of doing it, it all started again.

That unfortunately wasn’t my only interaction with a lamp post lately, I also walked into one on my way home from a bloggers event.

We had been invited to a really interesting event all about lashes. We went to the event and had a fantastic time. Rather than go for something to eat in the train station, we decided to grab a pizza from our local shop.

As we didn’t really mind waiting, we decided to order in store rather than having it delivered as we were passing the store anyway. We ordered our food and waited for it to be ready. Once it was, we started walking home.

While we were walking, Mother Nature thought it would be nice to treat us to not only a little trickle of rain, but basically a rain storm.

Luckily the rain had started to die down a little, which was nice. Unfortunately, it wasn’t to last.

About half way home, the rain came back with a vengence.

Picture the scene if you can… Me, holding two pizza boxes, and water pouring down my face. it wasn’t good.

I was able to fight off most of the rain, but there was still quite a lot of rain pouring down my face.

We turned a corner which was just before our local shop. We were rushing there because they had a little shelter there.

After turning the corner, because of all the rain on my face, I went smack bang into a lamp post. Not only did it hurt, but I was also bleeding, Jesus it hurt!

It seems that me and lamp posts are in a seriously abusive relationship. I have for years walked into lamp posts, and I’ll proberbly keep doing for many more years. It wouldn’t matter if I was wearing the strongest strength glasses on the planet, I would still walk into those nasty things called lamp posts.

Have you had any lamp post experiences? What are they? Please let me know down below.

Luke x

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Luke x

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  1. this properly made me chuckle, were the pizzas okay though?!
    i once did it straight after coming out of a hospital check up, looked down to zip up my coat and next minute was flat on my back. really embarrassing. x

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