Accidental Adventure | Nearly Burning The Room Down

Hello everyone, welcome to another Accidental Adventures post.

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Today I am going to talk about a little accident I had with a candle, yes a candle. I know what you’re thinking, a candle and a visually impaired person, what a fantastic mix.

Let me set the scene. It was late at night, and I had been going through a really bad spell of insomnia. This is when I pulled out my little arsenal of sleeping tricks.

The first, counting sheep. It never works does it? Then I thought I would try hot milk.

I decided to go downstairs and make myself a nice mug of white hot chocolate.

I warmed up my milk, and added my white hot chocolate to the mug. In case you were wondering, I used the Whittards Strawberries and Cream White Hot Chocolate. After adding the powder and mixing well, I took it back upstairs.

This is where I should tell you, another one of my sleeping tricks is to light a candle. Before I had gone to make my drink, I had lit the Let’s Glow candle by Zoella, and left it on my bedside cabinate.

I went into my room and put my drink down on the same above mentioned cabinet.

I thought I had enough room to put both the mug and the candle on the cabinet, turns out I didn’t.

This is when the mug, and candle toppled over. I now had strawberry and cream milk all over the carpet. This is also when I realised the candle was still lit, and it was now on the floor on it’s side.

Ah crap, I thought, and quickly blew out the candle, just in time too,. The only trouble was I now had a puddle of melted wax all over the carpet.

Luckily I noticed just in time, before it burned anything.

You see this is why I really shouldn’t use candles. It’s still not going to stop me though.

I would like to know if you have ever had any candle, almost burning something down to the ground moments. If you have please get in touch. You an do so by either leaving me a comment down below, using the social tab at the top of the page, or you can straight up email me using the contact me tab.

Thank you for reading.

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Luke x

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