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I haven’t written an Accidental Adventures in quite a while, and I would love to say it’s because I haven’t gotten into any accidents lately. But as you probably can guess, that isn’t the case, haha! That’s why instead of telling you just one story of how I had one of my little accidents, I thought that I would tell you three.

A clear long stemmed glass of clear bubbly Prosecco, on a wooden background, with some fairy lights in the background.

A picture of the Browns Leeds’ Prosecco.

How I nearly short circuited a restaurant.

As you already know, I visited Browns Leeds back in October with Jamie and Michelle to see what they would have on offer over the 2016 festive period, and once we had been greeted by one of their friendly staff members, we headed up the beautifully ornate spiral staircase and said hello to a few of the other bloggers who were also there, before we found ourselves a couple of seats, and started chatting amongst ourselves. Then after a couple of minutes, a really nice barman came over and handed us all a fantastic Glass of Prosecco, and I continued to enjoy all of the delicious food and drink that was on offer throughout the evening.

I then noticed that there was a little ledge behind where I was sitting with some fairy lights and decorations on it, and seeing as how there wasn’t a table for me to put my glass on, I decided to put it on the little ledge instead of holding it in my hand all night. I was then handed a few more Canapes and a couple of cocktails, and totally forgot about the Glass of Prosecco that I had placed on the ledge earlier in the evening, and decided to put one of my empty Glasses on there too. But as I had forgotten about the Prosecco, I accidentally knocked the half full glass over and sent it’s contents flying into the fairy lights and decorations. The fairy lights then flickered for a couple of seconds, before a few of the bulbs finally blew themselves out.

As you can see, this is why I can’t be trusted with a Glass of Prosecco, haha!

A tall glass jar full of white wax with a label that has Yankee Candle Linden Tree written in black writing and a picture of some trees on it, on a white background.

A picture of the Yankee Candle Linden Tree large jar candle.

How I nearly destroyed a Candle store.

As you probably already know, I absolutely love Candles, and a couple of months ago, it just so happened that one of my favourite Candle stores, Love Aroma, were having a little sale, that also included some of the latest Yankee Candle collection that I had my eye on. So after doing a little bit of shopping, both me and Jamie headed to the beautiful Love Aroma store, which is located opposite The Yorkshire Soap Company on Albion Street in Leeds City Centre, and once we had both walked into the store, one of the lovely staff members said hi, and we started to have a look around and see what was in the sale. Then after a couple of minutes of looking around, Jamie noticed a few of the Candles from the Yankee Candle collection that I was looking for, and called me over to make sure that they were the right ones. Once I was near them, I folded up my white cane and wrapped the strap around my wrist, so that I could pick up the Candles and give them a little sniff. But unfortunately for me, my white cane somehow unravelled itself from it’s strap and clicked itself together, and when it did, it hit a few other Candles that were on a near by shelf, and sent them flying to the floor.

Luckily, even though they were made of Glass, none of the Candles actually broke, which was fantastic, as I was already extremely embarrassed.

A multi-tonal Blue coloured glass wall with a diamond pattern all over it, on a light background.

A picture of a Glass Wall.

How I face planted a glass wall.

One of my favourite places to shop most definitely has to be Boots, especially the one in Leeds, as it’s absolutely enormous, and I could easily spend hours in there just looking around.

Now for anyone who doesn’t know, there is two different entrances to Boots Trinity Leeds, one is located on the top floor of Trinity Leeds next to Cabana, and the other is located opposite Starbucks and Clinton Cards on Commercial Street in Leeds City Centre. So after visiting Lush, which is also located on Commercial Street, we eventually decided to head into Boots to do a little bit of browsing, and once we had walked through their massive doors, we were both instantly greeted by the overpowering scent of paint, as it turned out that they had done a little bit of redecorating, and had also erected a massive Glass Wall as a kind of display area right in front of their doors. But because like most Boots stores have incredibly bright lights throughout the entire store, neither me or Jamie noticed the Glass Wall, and I not only walked straight into it, but I also made a very loud bang, as both me and my white cane hit it with some considerable force.

Luckily neither of us hurt ourselves, but we did feel incredibly embarrassed, haha!

There you go, that’s just three of my latest Accidental Adventures, and for some strange reason, they all involved glass in some way or another. I guess I should probably stay away from glass from now on, haha!

Have you had any accidental adventures lately? If so, what were they? Please let me know down below.

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Luke x

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  1. Great stories, the first one is my favourite reminds me of something i’d do!

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