Accidental Adventures | Disastrous Shop Displays

I’ve always had a little trouble with shop displays, haha!

The other day me and Jamie decided to do a little shopping in Leeds, and after having a good look around and something to eat, I decided to treat myself to a few new bath bombs from one of my favourite shops, The Yorkshire Soap Company . I love going into The Yorkshire Soap Company , the store smells divine, and the staff are always friendly. After having a little look around, and Jamie sticking bath bombs nearly up my nose, one of the lovely staff members who knows me by name, not sure what that says about the amount of times I visit haha, started chatting to me, asking how I’ve been, and what I’ve been up to, you know, just general stuff. After we had finished our little chat she helped me pick out a few gorgeous smelling bath bombs. She took them to the till for me, and started wrapping them up, and we continued our little chat.

Once we had finished our little chat, we said our goodbyes and I started to leave the store. This is unfortunately where everything started to go wrong, haha!

Near the door of The Yorkshire Soap Company , there is a beautiful display area with loads of their products piled high, and with a flick of my wrist, I managed to send the beautiful display crashing to the floor. Not only did I manage to send it crashing to the floor, but I also managed to send a few of them flying across the store, god I could have died of embarrassment!

Luckily, the staff were totally fine about it, and said not to worry.

This hasn’t been my only trouble with a shop display lately. I’ve also nearly destroyed a Kiehls store. The one in Leeds has a beautiful, yet massive shelving unit right next to their door, and many times I have either walked into it, or my cane has nearly clipped it and brought it crashing down.

Haha! The disasters i’ve caused. In my defence, shops should be careful where they place their displays.


Have you ever had any trouble with a shop display? What happened? Please let me know down below.

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Luke x

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  1. Hello Luke,
    great post I feel for you. Shop displays are the bane of my life.

    I live in California and here the stores love to put displays in their aisle ways. The problem is they make the gaps only wide enough for thin women to pass by. Well I am not thin, nor am I female. I am a pretty hefty male with a guide dog. I suppose you can even now see where this story is going.

    One day last summer, I was in an Hallmark card store, buying a birthday card for my wife. I asked one of the sales girls for directions to the birthday card section. She was a very small girl, quick as a flash she said “Follow me” which I did. My guide dog was the only one to see the problem, he refused to move, I stepped forward towards the gap I thought she had gone through, trouble was for me there was no gap, the aisle had two display stands full of gifts and cards on them. There was a loud crash and banging as both displays fell to either side.

    The other sales assistant, yelled “why don’t you look where you are going?” as I stood in the midst of disaster. Even my guide dog looking up at me as if to say I told you so.

    Well amidst a whole load of apologies I tried to back out of the disaster area, only to have the assistant complain how she now had to clean everything up.

    You can guess that I did not take long choosing the birthday cardd and making a fast exit.

    All the best

    William Elliott

  2. I haven’t heard of The Yorkshire Soap Company (clearly I’ve been living in Lancashire for too long!) and looking at their website they have some lovely products!
    Next time I visit my mum I’m going to track it down and treat myself!
    Lovely post Luke and thanks for sharing!


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