Accidental Adventures | Falling Into Tanya Burr

This post is all about an accident that I had at the beginning of August, the 10th as a matter of fact. That weekend me and Jamie, attended an event called Summer in the City. For those who don’t know what Summer in the City is a YouTube convention. Basically a whole load of amazing YouTubers and their fans come together for a weekend of fun.

It was my first time going to such an event and I will be doing another post on what I thought about it. But let’s get back to this post.

On the Sunday we decided to go to the Tanya Burr meet and greet. A meet and greet is exactly what it says on the tin. You queue up to meet the person and usually get a picture and have a little bit of a chat with them.

The way that the organisers had organised the meet and greets was that 200 people get given a ticket, and unfortunately if you don’t get a ticket, you don’t get to meet them.

So we got into the event hall and rushed to where the queue was. After about 20 minutes a volunteer approached and asked who we are queuing for. We said Tanya and they gave us a ticket, YES!!

After another 10 minutes, another volunteer approached and said, we are going to move you then when it’s your time we’ll come and get you, amazing!

We were taken to a seated area and were asked to wait. A good 25 to 30 minutes pass and it’s our time.

Now the seated area is around a bit of a corner. So we walk around the corner and then to where Tanya was stood. I start swishing my cane. Unfortunately though there must have been a bump in the flooring because my cane got stuck a little and made me trip. This would have been fine, but I was only about half a metre from Tanya. This meant I not only tripped, but I also fell into her.

Luckily Tanya was amazing and said it was ok. Thank god. But it had to be one of the most embarrassing moments of my life, especially as I have been watching her for years.

That is my story of how I fell into Tanya Burr.
Have you ever met someone you’ve been watching or kind of known at a far and had an embarrassing moment? Please let me know, I’d love to know it’s just me who has done this? Please let me know down below.
Thank you very much for reading.

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Luke x

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