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I haven’t written an Accidental Adventures post in quite a while, and I would love to say it’s because I haven’t gotten into any accidents lately, but as you can probably guess, that isn’t the case. That’s why instead of me telling you just one story of how I had one of my little accidents, I thought that I would tell you three.

Some golden brown balls with some yellow pieces of Sweetcorn, some dark brown pieces of Bacon, a light brown maple syrup glaze, some light green pieces of Spring Onion and some pieces of Red Chilli coming out of them on a rounded triangular plate on a light wooden table, on a light background.

A picture of the Walkabout Leeds Sweetcorn Fritters.

How I managed to throw a Sweetcorn Fritta at Jamie.

As some of you probably already know, a little while ago I was very kindly invited down to Walkabout Leeds with Jamie to come and try some of their delicious Food and Drink, and once we had gone over to the Bar and placed our order, we found a really comfy Booth near one of their massive Windows and sat down. Well after we had been chatting and sipping our Drinks for a little while, our Starters of Sweetcorn Frittas with Maple Bacon and Crispy Chicken Wings with Barbecue Sauce finally arrived, and because we were sharing them, Jamie started to share them between the two Plates so that we didn’t have to keep asking the other to pass them a Fritta or a Wing over. Well because there were only two or three Sweetcorn Frittas, he decided to just pass me one of them instead. So he dunked it in some of the Barbecue Sauce for me, placed it on one of the Forks so that I wouldn’t get my Hands covered in Barbecue Sauce, and started to pass me the Fork. But unfortunately I didn’t realise that he had done this, and when I went to pick my Glass up to take a Drink, I not only knocked the Fork out of his Hand, but also sent the Sweetcorn Fritta flying into his Face.

A black and white photo of a man sat inside a rectangular clear glass metal bus stop in front of a grey stone building, on a white background.

A picture of a Bus Stop.

How I managed to brake a Buses Wing Mirror.

Like the other two accidents, this one also had something to do with blogging. Even though most of the events that I go to are in Leeds, I actually live in a little Village in Bradford, which means that whenever I attend an event, I first have to catch a Bus into Bradford and then catch a Train into Leeds. Well when I was on my way to an event, I made my way to my local Bus stop and waited for my Bus to arrive. Then once it had finally arrived, I attempted to get on the Bus, but because there were some kind of Road Works going on in front of the Bus Stop, it couldn’t park properly. So I use my Cane to feel for the step to get onto the Bus and step up. But because it hadn’t parked properly I didn’t step up into the centre of the doorway like I usually would, and instead stepped to the left of the Door, hitting the Buses Wing Mirror with my Arm.

Not only was this incredibly embarrassing, as the Wing Mirror made a very loud cracking noise when I hit it, but it also hurt quite a lot, as I couldn’t really move my Shoulder properly for a couple of days afterwards.

A tall long stemmed clear martini glass full of some bright Pink liquid and some white bubbles on a dark wooden table, on a dark background.

A picture of the Bubble Bath at The Alchemist Trinity Leeds.

How I managed to brake a lot of Glasses at The Alchemist Trinity Leeds.

As some of you probably already know, a little while ago me and Jamie were very kindly invited down to the Smith & Sinclair pop up store in Leeds to come and celebrate their launch, and after we had finished trying out all of their extremely cool products, we were also very kindly treated to a couple of tasty Cocktails at The Alchemist Trinity Leeds. Well after me, Jamie and a couple of other Bloggers who were also there had been chatting for a little while and had drank a really nice Cocktail called the Bubble Bath, one of their really nice staff members brought us another Cocktail over called the Lightbulb Moment. This is a really cool drink, as it comes in two Glasses, a short Tumbler and one shaped like a Lightbulb that you have to pour into the Tumbler to create the Drink. Well I poured the contents of the Lightbulb shaped Glass into the Tumbler and set it down in front of me, but because it had a rounded bottom, it managed to roll off the end of the Table and on to the Floor. I then of course bent down to try and find it, but with it being pitch black, neither me, Jamie, or the really nice woman from Smith & Sinclair’s PR team could find it. Luckily for us though, the same really nice staff member who had brought us our Drinks had come over to collect a few of the empty glasses. So she started to fill her Tray with some of the empty Glasses and asked if everything was ok. I explained that I had dropped one of the Lightbulb Glasses and that I couldn’t find it. She then said oh it’s ok, I can see it and proceeded to bend down to get it with the Tray of empty Glasses still in her hand. Well as she bent down to pick the Glass up, the Tray of empty Glasses fell out of her Hand and crashed to the Floor.

Technically, even though this wasn’t really my fault, I still felt guilty, as if I hadn’t have let the Glass roll off the end of the Table in the first place, she wouldn’t have bent down to pick it up.

There you go, that’s just three of my latest accidental adventures, but knowing my luck, there’ll probably be plenty more of them very soon.

Have you had any Accidental Adventures lately too? If so, what were they? Please let me know down below.

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Luke x

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