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I haven’t written an Accidental Adventures post in over a year now, and I would love to say it’s because I haven’t had an accident in quite a while, but as you can probably guess by this post, that isn’t the case, haha! Anyway, here’s another three of the accidents that i’ve managed to have lately.

A large Red rectangular Train next to a stone platform with a medium height woman with blonde hair wearing a yellow coat, a black skirt, some black tights, and a pair of black heels and some various other people also stood on the platform, on a bright background.

A picture of a woman stood on a Train platform.

How I managed to fall off of a Train and nearly break Jamie’s Wrist.

As most of you probably already know, I love trying out new Skincare. Well a couple of months ago Aldi had released some products that were rumoured to be very similar to a couple of the Pixi Rose range, but to get most of the things that I wanted to try, I had to physically visit one of their stores. Luckily for me though I have two stores close to me, one in Bradford City Centre that can be a little bit tricky to get to, and one in Keighley that’s a Train ride away and is actually easier to reach than the one in Bradford City Centre. Anyway, because we had nothing to do all day, both me and Jamie decided to head into Keighley to see what we could find. We arrived in Bradford City Centre and headed down to the Forster Square Train Station to catch our Train into Keighley, walked through the Barriers and boarded our Train. Then after about twenty minutes it was time to get off as we had arrived at our Stop, so I started to get off of the Train and placed my Cane on the Platform to find out how big of a step down from the Train Door it would be and started to step down. It however turned out that instead of me placing my Cane on the Platform, I had placed it on the bit of concrete that acts as a Barrier between the edge of the Platform and the Train Tracks. I then attempted to swish my Cane, but as I didn’t realise that it wasn’t actually on the Platform I ended up tripping myself up and falling to the floor. Luckily though, Jamie was already on the Platform, so I reached out to grab him to hopefully stop myself from falling and instead brought us both crashing to the floor. It eventually transpired, once we had both gained our balance again, that when I grabbed him to stop myself from falling, I had put so much pressure on to his Wrist that I had left a visible mark. Sorry Jamie!

me stood on some grey stone paving in front of a large rectangular window wearing a medium green jacket, a bright blue jumper, a pair of black trousers, and a pair of black Leather boots holding a long red cane, on a light background.

A picture of me holding my Red Cane.

How I managed to break my Red Cane.

If you follow me on Twitter, you’ll have probably already heard this story, but at the beginning of September I was having a few issues with my Bank and had to visit my local branch to sort everything out. So I got ready, grabbed my Red Cane and headed down to my local branch of Santander, which after crossing two little Side Street crossings is more or less at the end of the high Street. I finished sorting everything out that I needed to and headed back home crossing the first very busy crossing without any issues, but as I was approaching the second one it started to very heavily Rain, which as any Cane user will tell you can seriously effect your ability to use your Cane properly. Anyway, I arrived at the Tactile Paving of the Crossing, checked several times to make sure that there were no Cars coming, and started to cross the Road. As I approached the Tactile Paving at the other side of the Road though, it became apparent that there was a Car in front of it that I hadn’t noticed as it wasn’t running when I had started to cross the Road. I used my Cane to navigate my way around it, placing one of my Hands on it’s Body to guide my way around it, and as I got to the end of the Car and had placed my Cane behind it’s back Wheel, it turned out that it was in fact running. The Car then backed up a centimetre or so because it was getting ready to set off again after being parked and it ran over my Cane, smashing it’s Tip into little shards all over the Road. I was obviously a little shaken so an extremely friendly and helpful Lady calmed me down and got me to the Pavement and I attempted to make my way Home using a Cane without a Tip. Once I arrived Home, had calmed down a little and had explained what had happened to my Mum who had arrived Home a few minutes before I had, it turned out that not only had the Car broken my Tip, but it had also bent the bottom section of my Cane meaning that I had to hop on to the RNIB’s website and buy myself an entirely new Cane.

A large rectangular neon blue sign that has Laurissa, Jamie and Luke written in bold black writing on it, on a white background.

A picture of the Hollywood Bowl Bradford Score Sheet.

How I managed to break a Bowling Lane at Hollywood Bowl.

A little while ago now, me and Jamie were very kindly invited down to the Bradford Leisure Exchange to come and try some of the fantastic Food and Entertainment that they had on offer, and after we had tried some of the delicious Food & Drink from both Nando’s Bradford and Pizza Hut Bradford, we headed over to Hollywood Bowl Bradford for a round of Bowling. Well after me, Jamie and Laurissa, the really nice lady who had invited us had arrived, we set up our Game by entering all of our names into the Scoring Machine and started our Game. All was going great as I had managed to get a couple of Spares and had also somehow managed to get a Gutter Ball even though I was using the Bumpers, and I was having a great time. It was my round again, so I headed up to where all the Bowling Balls were and got Jamie to hand me one that wasn’t too heavy, he then placed me in front of the line at the end of the Lane and left me to it. I swung the Ball with my Right Hand and then heard an almighty bang. Jamie rushed over to see if I was ok and after a couple of seconds of me ensuring him that I was fine and didn’t know what had happened, he grabbed me another Ball, sat back down and I swung again. We then enjoyed the rest of our Game and after a little bit of investigating, it turned out that instead of me rolling the Ball down the Lane like I was supposed to do, I had in fact hit the edge of one of the Bumpers head on and the material of the Bowling Ball and it’s considerable weight hitting the Bumper was what made the almighty bang.

There you go, that’s just three of my latest Accidental Adventures, but knowing my luck, there’ll probably be even more of them very soon.

Have you had any Accidental Adventures lately? If so, what were they? Please let me know down below.

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Luke x

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  1. Your accidental adventures are eye opener for me. It’s a pleasure to e-meet you and seeing you blog consistently Luke. More power to you !

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