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I couldn’t decide on a title for this post, then I heard the new Ke$ha song, it’s what my brother started singing after this little adventure happened.

To start, I should say that every Wednesday, me and my Brother do our weekly Food Shop at the Morrisons. near our House.

This particular Wednesday’s Shop started of as usual. We set of to the Supermarket via the normal Bus route. The stop we get off at is located in the middle of a main Road, it’s a bit of a strange layout. We got of at our normal stop. Once we was finally able to cross the road, we set of towards the supermarket.

To get to the Supermarket, you have to go through a sort of passageway that leads straight to the Car Park. We walk down the passageway and we eventually get to the end of it where there is a set of six Stone Steps. There is a Rail, but I couldn’t use it at this time. I should say that on this particular day, it was extremely sunny, and warm. This meant there was a lot of people around.

That’s the reason that I couldn’t use the Rail to the Stairs. I walk very carefully down the Stairs. Then I slip and fall down the Stairs. I end up sprawled in the middle of the Steps, on my back. Don’t worry, I wasn’t hurt, just a little embarrassed.

I suppose we’ve all fallen down at some point. I thought I would just tell you about my adventure. I use the term loosely, but I thought I would share it anyway.

I would love to know any embarrassing stories of you falling down, so please let me know down below.

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Luke x

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