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As you all know, I absolutely love a good moisturiser. That’s why when the guys over at Baldwin Men Care very kindly asked me if I would like to try out their Anti Ageing Face Cream for Men , I of course said yes. Well i’ve been using it for a little while now, and I thought that I would tell you what I thought of it.

Here’s what Baldwin MenCare say about themselves.

Baldwin Men Care constitutes the next generation of male grooming products. No compromises were made in the selection of ingredients, raw materials, and products containing the finest vitamins, minerals and medicinal herbs that we use.

A laid down blue cone shaped bottle that has moisturising lotion written in light blue writing and savvy care for men written in black writing on it, in a light blue box, on a white background.

A picture of the Baldwin Men Care Anti Ageing Face Cream for Men.

Here’s what Baldwin Men Care say about their Anti Ageing Face Cream for Men.

The Baldwin Men Care Anti Ageing Face Cream for Men is for men who don’t compromise.

Our rich anti ageing moisturiser is rich in anti-oxidants, and contains Vitamin E and C to stop your skin from premature wrinkling, creasing, and drying out, Dead Sea Minerals to moisturise your skin, Argan Oil to nourish your skin, African Shae to slow the ageing process and make your skin look and feel younger, and Allantoin to sooth and heal your skin after shaving.

This is also not made with any harmful Parabens.

It’s scent.

I absolutely loved the smell of this, as it had a really clean Ocean smell to it that actually rather reminded me of Davidoff Cool Water. It was quite of a strong scent though, so if you don’t like strong scents, you might not like this. I did however notice that once I had massaged it into my face, that the scent totally disappeared, and didn’t interfere with any of the scents from the other face products that I was using.

It’s consistency.

Wen i first used this, I noticed that it had quite a rather thick consistency to it, but once I had started to massage it into my face, it turned into a really light water like moisturiser that was really easy to spread. I also noticed that because it had such a water like consistency to it, that I only needed about a Pea sized amount to cover my entire face.

The feeling that it left on my face.

I wasn’t really a fan of the feeling that this left on my face, as I thought that it left my face feeling rather wet. I also noticed that it took quite a while for it to actually set, which wouldn’t be a problem except for the fact that I needed to apply my other products on top of it, and I couldn’t do that if my face was still wet.

It’s results.

I was expecting this to make my face look incredibly greasy, especially seeing as how it contained so many different oils, but it just left my face looking and feeling intensively moisturised, whilst also controlling all of the oils from my T-Zone. I also noticed that after using this for just over a month that it left my face looking and feeling younger, and visibly reduced the few lines that I do have around my eyes and forehead.

It’s packaging.

I really liked it’s packaging, as even though it came in a generic cone shaped bottle, the top of the bottle had some ridging to it so I instantly knew what it was when I picked it up. I was however less impressed with the box that it came in, as it had a rather creepy looking face emblazoned on it, and the box also felt like it had been bashed to pieces.

My overall thoughts.

Overall I would have to rate the Baldwin Men Care Anti Ageing Face Cream for Men an eight out of ten. I really liked it’s scent, although I think that it might not be for everyone, and I also liked it’s consistency, the feeling that it left on my face, and it’s results, as who doesn’t like visibly reduced wrinkles. The only thing that I didn’t like was the box that it came in, as I thought that the face on the box was quite creepy, and that a box shouldn’t feel like it’s been bashed to pieces when you’ve only just gotten it.

If you would like to check out the Baldwin Men Care Anti Ageing Face Cream for Men for yourselves, then you can buy it online here.

I was sent a bottle of the Baldwin Men Care Anti Ageing Face Cream for Men to review, but all thoughts, opinions, and general ramblings are my own.

Have you tried the Baldwin Men Care Anti Ageing Face Cream for Men? What did you think? What’s your favourite moisturiser? Please let me know down below.

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Luke x

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