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As you probably already know, I’m not the biggest Alcohol drinker on the planet. The only drinks I can drink over and over again is Vodka and Coke, Mojito, and Pear Cider.
That’s why when Blind Pig asked if I would like to attend an event where I would get to taste their lovely new unique Cider, I gladly accepted.
Firstly, can we just note the irony of Blind Pig inviting a visually impaired guy to their event,haha!
Blind Pig, is a German born Cider Spirit mixing together fresh fruity Cider with unique Spirit flavours.
The entire brand is based on the 1920’s prohibition, and interestingly the name comes from a slang word meaning Speakeasy.
Blind Pig Cider comes in three varieties. There’s Bourbon and Blueberry, Whiskey, Honey, and Apple, and lastly Rum and Poached Pear.
As you can see, all of their flavours are a little out there, but I’ll try anything once.
The Bourbon and Blueberry, is described as a full bodied tipple that mixes rich Bourbon flavour with subtle Blueberry notes and a crisp Apple Cider. This is best served with ice, a twist of lemon and fresh Blueberries. This is a 4% Cider.
This one was very dangerous as it just tasted like a soft drink. You could easily get drunk on this one without knowing it. It of course tasted of Blueberries, but I couldn’t really taste the Bourbon, it was however extremely sweet so that could be why I couldn’t taste the Bourbon. The best way I can describe it is its like a grown up blue WKD.
The Whiskey, Honey, and Apple is described as a Whiskey flavoured bite, with a pintch of sweet Honey, and Apple Cider. This is best served with lots of ice, slices of Orange and Lemon, and drizzle with Honey to taste. This one is also a 4% Cider.
This tasted very smoky, and for some strange reason meaty at the same time. As I got further down the glass, it started to taste like a sweet cold Turkish Apple tea. Yes, I know that sounds strange. I guess the smokiness came from the Whiskey, and the sweetness came from the Honey. I have to admit, this was my least favourite of the range.
The Rum and Poached Pear is described as a classic combination of spicy Pear top notes complimented by rich dark Rum flavours. This is best served with lots of ice, a Lime slice, and Mint leaves. Like the rest of the range this is also a 4% Cider.
This one tasted of Bonfire Night Toffee Apples. I know it sounds strange but I think it had something to do with the dark Rum and the sweet Poached Pear. This was my favourite of the range and i can see me drinking this over and over again.
Blind Pig are only a young brand, but I can see them being around for many years to come.
Blind Pig are unfortunately only available in selected Pubs. If you would like to find your nearest stockist, you can find the full list on their website here.
Thank you very much Blind Pig for letting me try your extremely tastey Ciders and it’s actually left me wanting to try other different Ciders that I didn’t want to before.
If you haven’t already tried out Blind Pig Cider, i highly recommend you do as soon as you can. Trust me, you won’t be disappointed.
What’s your favourite Cider? What should I try next? Please leave me your recommendations down below.

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Luke x

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