Blonde, Brunette or Red, Who Really Has More Fun?

For those of you who don’t follow me on Twitter. You won’t have noticed my new hair colour. I have gone from an extremely dark Brown, to apparently Plum Red.

I don’t actually think it’s gone that shade, I just think it has lightened my natural colour. It has also given it a very nice Red tint. I would have said more of a Cherry Mocha colour, instead of Plum, but there you go.

I’ve had dark Brown hair all of my life. I do actually like my natural colour, but I’ve always felt it never really suited my personality. Its at it’s darkest during the winter, but not so much in the summer.

I do try during the summer to enhance my hair by adding a few Blonde streaks or highlights through my hair, which usually works. That’s why this summer I took the plunge and decided to try a whole other colour. I went the whole hog and picked a funkyish colour and dyed it. No fussing or faffing around with whether the colour suited my skin tone or not, I just did it. I actually quite like it, I may do it again, but go a lot brighter. I think the brightest shade of Red in the product line is Passion Red, which is extremely bright, the brand I used was Swartzcoft LIVE XXL by the way.

A woman with Plum Red hair, with some text on a blue background at the side.

A picture of a woman who has dyed her hair Plum Red, using the Swartzcoft LIVE Colour XXL box dye.

The reason I used this brand was because the colours in the range looked very pigmentated. I read quite a few reviews online, and according to what I read, the LIVE XXL line is the best if you have a darker shade of natural hair colour. Hopefully it looks good.

Getting back to the title. I think that the myth that Blondes have more fun, is nothing more than that, a myth.

What do you think? Do Blondes have more fun? Please let me know down below.

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Luke x

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