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Ok, so I don’t actually hate Emojis themselves. What I really hate is when people use multiple Emojis in a sentence, or especially in a tweet. I actually quite like using Emojis, but when Voiceover reads a tweet that only contains Emojis, it makes me want to unfollow people.

For anyone who doesn’t use Voiceover with Emojis,whenever you click on an Emoji it actually tells you exactly what it’s called. It might come as a shock to you but all those pretty Emojis all have names.

You see when a tweet only contains Emojis, Voiceover keeps saying their name over and over again. It gets so annoying that you actually start to dislike using Twitter, or whatever Social Media site you happen to be using.

If you want to reply to a message or tweet with Emojis that’s totally fine, but just use one. You wouldn’t keep repeating the same sentence, so why use twenty of the same Emojis?

By all means use Emojis, I know I will, but just think about how much you use them. Just because the visually impaired can’t see them, doesn’t mean we can’t get annoyed by them.

Do Emojis annoy you too? Do you think people use Emojis too much? Do you use Emojis too much? Please let me know down below.

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Luke x

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  1. I am a little guilty of this. Recently I have used emoji’s more than I normally would so next time I will think more before I use them. I also find it annoying when people use the same emoji 10 plus times in a sentence.

  2. Shamefully I have never even thought about this. Although I don’t personally do this, I will use 1 at the end of a tweet to make it more personalised but that’s not every time either.
    I can imagine how annoying it must be.

    Jenna von

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