Mistletoe and Mulled Wine | Browns Leeds Festive Showcase

A little while ago, me and Jamie were very kindly invited down to Browns Leeds to come and check out everything they will have on offer over the festive period, and after having a fantastic time filling our faces with all of their delicious food, I thought I would tell you all about it.

As well as going with Jamie, I also went with the amazingly talented Michelle, who has taken all of the gorgeous looking pictures in this post, so if you like what you see, please go show her some love.

Once we had wandered around Leeds for a little while, we eventually arrived at Browns Leeds, which is situated in the beautiful The Light Leeds Shopping Centre. It was incredibly busy, but after a minute or so, one of their friendly staff members said hi, and asked if we were ok. We said hi and that we were here for the festive showcase, she then said that was fantastic, and that we should head upstairs.

Once I had navigated the twisting staircase, we were greeted by Kellie, one of our good blogging friends. She said hi, and we had a little bit of a chat before going to find a seat. Once we had found a couple of seats, and had been chatting for a while, one of their friendly staff members asked me if I would like a glass of Prosecco, and of course I said yes. Then after a little while of us all sipping our Prosecco, another one of their friendly staff member started coming around with some delectable canapes of food from their festive menus.

A clear long stemmed glass of clear bubbly Prosecco, on a wooden background, and fairy lights in the background.

A picture of the Browns Leeds’ Prosecco.

The first thing I ate was their Turkey and Cranberry Brioche Roll.

This was delicious. It was basically a mini Baguette sandwich containing extremely moist Turkey, and rich tangy Cranberry sauce. I’m not the biggest fan of Turkey. I think it’s because it always tastes extremely dry, but I actually rather like this, and could have eaten about a thousand of them.

The next thing I ate was their Goats Cheese and Sun-Dried Tomato Crostini.

A lightly toasted piece of Bread, with some Sun-Dried Tomatoes, and Goats Cheese, on a tan background.

A picture of the Browns Leeds Goats Cheese and Sun-Dried Tomato Crostini.

Now, as you already know, I absolutely hate Cheese, but I thought I would give this a go anyway, and strangely, I actually quite liked it. It was essentially a Goat’s Cheese Pizza, containing a thick crusty piece of Bread, rich tangy Sun-Dried Tomatoes, and topped with rich creamy Goats Cheese. I actually liked it that much, that I had quite a few more of these as the night went on.

The next thing I ate was their Honey Glazed Pigs In Blankets.

I absolutely loved these, as Pigs In Blankets are one of my favourite parts of Christmas Dinner, and adding a sweetHoney glaze to them was the perfect touch. I could literally have eaten a full plate of them they were that nice.

The next thing I ate was their Gluten Free Turkey Sandwich.

I again, really liked this. I’m not a massive fan of anything that says that it’s Gluten Free, as it’s often extremely dry, but I honestly couldn’t tell the difference between normal and gluten free, which I think was amazing.

The next thing I ate was their Cumberland Sausage and Ginger Cake Stuffing Balls.

These were fantastic, as another one of my favourite parts of Christmas Dinner, is the Stuffing. They were cooked to perfection, and were extremely moist and succulent. I unfortunately couldn’t really taste the Ginger Cake though, which was a shame, as I think the addition of a strong Ginger flavour would have gone beautifully with the meaty Sausage. I did however think that the Ginger Cake added a nice texture, but if you can’t taste something, why add it in the first place?
Next came all of their delicious desserts, and the first thing I ate was their decadent Chocolate Brownie.

This was packed full of Chocolate and extremely heavy, but gorgeous at the same time. It was a little harder than I would have liked, and was more like a Chocolate Cake than a Chocolate Brownie, but I loved it all the same.

The next thing I ate was their White Chocolate Mousse.

A clear glass full of White Chocolate Moose, with a Raspberry on the top, on a wooden background.

A picture of the Browns Leeds White Chocolate Mousse.

I adore anything that’s White Chocolate, so obviously I loved this. This was rich and creamy without being overly heavy, and was that nice that I could have eaten about a thousand of these small chocolate pots of joy.

The last and final thing I ate was their Lemon Tart.

A slice of pale yellow tarte, with some fruit on top, and a sprig of Mint, on a wooden background.

A picture of the Browns Leeds Lemon Tart.

It was called a Lemon Tart, but it was more like a Lemon Cheesecake to be honest. Lemon is one of my favourite tastes in a dessert, so this was right up my street. It was extremely sharp and sour, but after the sweetness of the Chocolate Brownie and White Chocolate Moose, it was perfect.

As well as scoffing down all of their gorgeous food, I also had a couple of their tasty cocktails.

The first one I drank was their Aperol Sprits, which contains Prosecco, Aperol, and Soda Water.

A clear glass of a golden coloured drink, on a wooden background with unfocused fairy lights in the background.

A picture of the Browns Leeds Aperol Spritz.

This was gorgeous, and extremely fizzy, which I think went beautifully with the Goat’s Cheese and Sun-Dried Tomato Crostini.

The next thing I drank was their British Royal, which contains Black Cow Vodka , Apple and Rosehip, Rhubarb Cordial, and Prosecco.

A clear glass full of a light orange coloured drink, on a wooden background, featuring fairy lights in the background.

A picture of the Browns Leeds British Royale.

This was gorgeous, but it strangely reminded me of Raspberry WKD, even though it didn’t actually contain any Raspberries. I could have drunken this all night, as it was one of those cocktails that just tasted like juice, and could get you very drunk, very quickly, without you even knowing it.

The last and final cocktail I drank, well it wasn’t really a cocktail, was their Mulled Wine.

A clear glass full of dark coloured red wine, with an orange slice of fruit floating around the top of the glass, on a wooden background

A picture of the Browns Leeds Mulled Wine.

I’m not really a lover of any kind of Wine, but seeing as Mulled Wine is the quintessential festive drink, I thought I would give it a try. It was extremely hot, so I had to wait a couple of minutes for it too cool down. Mulled Wine is basically a mix of Wine and spices, and after a couple of sips, I found out that it was actually quite nice. I did like it, but seeing as it was Wine, I could only drink a couple of sips of it.

After stuffing our faces full of all their delicious food and drink, it was time for us to head off, so I said goodbye to Katie, one of my good blogging friends who I had been sat next to most of the evening, and headed to the door. Once we were all at the door, we said our thank you’s and goodbye’s to all the wonderful staff we had met throughout the evening, and headed back into Leeds.

I had an amazing time checking out everything that Browns Leeds’ will have on offer for the festive period, and if you’re after delicious festive food and drink, in a beautiful location, with extremely friendly staff, then I highly recommend you check them out.

I had a fantastic time checking out all of Browns Leeds festive food and drink, and if you would like to find out more, or even book a table for yourself, you can find everything you need, here.

I would just like to thank all of the staff at Browns Leeds for having me, Jamie, and Michelle, and for hosting such a fantastic evening.

Have you checked out Browns Leeds? What did you think? What’s your favourite part of the festive period? Please let me know down below.

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Luke x

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