Burton Navy Desert Boots | Review

Hello everyone, welcome to another post.
This is my first ever fashion type post, so i’m a little apprehensive as to whether or not you will like it. So please let me know if you do, and i’ll write another post.

In mid-october, I decided to treat myself to some new shoes. After much online window shopping, I finally found some I liked. I finally went for the Burton Navy Suede Desert Boots.

After owning them for just over six months. I thought I would write a little review for you.

Let’s dive straight in. The first thing is the material. As the title suggests, they are made out of Suede. Now I will say, it mustn’t be all Suede, as it isn’t as tough or as smooth as traditional Suede. But as mixed materials go, it is a very durable material.

Next let’s move on to, how to keep them clean. According to Burton.co.uk, it’s very simple, just wipe them down with a damp cloth. With them being Suede, I did think they might need a special protection spray, but apparently not.

The next thing I should really talk about is the soal. This is made out of a very light coloured wood. Like the Suede, this is also very durable. Everything you want in a shoe soal.

A little story, well warning really. Don’t go down a supermarket aisle in quick pace, because like me, you will slide and fall. Being sprawled on a supermarket floor isn’t a good look.

The last design related thing i’m going too talk about is the colour. There was five colours I could choose from, Black, Brown, Tan, Burgundy, and Navy. As you know, I went for the Navy. I always thought Navy was darker than that. I would describe it more the colour of Blue Jeans, y’know in between Navy and Sky Blue, in hind sight, I should have gone for the Burgundy, but there you go.

Moving away from design and look. I’ll talk about comfort and wearability. On the comfort side, I would say that they are reasonably comfy. Of course they take a couple of wears to break in, but they’re fine after that. Now walking around for extended periods of time is another story. Take shopping around town for instance, usually a good five hours. They do start to rub againtst your feet, but for general day to day use they are fantastic.

Now that I have covered everything, well I think everything, it’s time for my final thoughts. My rating out of ten has to be, an eight. The reason being that it looses two points, because of the difference in colour, and that they start to rub after a while. If I had to buy these again, would I?, yes I think. The only change I would make, is the colour. I think I would choose the Burgundy, but yes I would buy them again.

In case youw as wondering. They are available in about three or four different styles, and the colours I talked about above. They are also available in shoe form. I’ll leave a link to where you can buythem

Hopefully you have enjoyed my review. If you want me to write other reviews, just let me know. If you have any thoughts, please get in touch, you can either leave me a comment, use the social tab on my navigation bar, or you can email me using the contact me tab.

Thank you for reading.

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Luke x

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