You Can Brush My Hair | CareCo Mobility Infrared Massage Hairbrush

I find that whenever I have a really bad Migraine, that a nice relaxing Head Massage always   seems to help. That’s why when the guys over at CareCo Mobility very kindly asked me if I would like to receive one of their Infrared Massage Hairbrush, I of course said yes. Well i’ve been using it for a little while now, and I thought that I would tell you what I thought of it.

What is CareCo Mobility?

CareCo Mobility, is a leading independent distributor of mobility products, including Bathroom Aids, Bedroom Aids, Mobility Scooters, Power Walkers, Hoists, Riser Recliners, Living Aids, and much more based in Essex, Birmingham, Canterbury, Cardiff, Croydon, Eastbourne, Hayes, Leicester, Norwich, and Southampton.

A tall rectangular silver Hairbrush with a rectangular light strip down the centre of it, on a white background.

A picture of the CareCo Mobility Infrared Massage Hairbrush

Here’s what CareCo Mobility say about their Infrared Massage Hairbrush.

  • Uses Infrared Light and Heat together with vibration Massage technology to invigorate the Scalp as you brush your Hair.
  • Uses 7 Lights to deliver Infrared Heat whilst you Brush your Hair.
  • Vibration Massage function
  • Attractive Silver finish with a Black ergonomically shaped Handle
  • Three position controls, (Infrared only, Infrared & Massage or off.
  • Requires 2 x AAA Batteries (not included).

It’s material

I really liked it’s material, as even though the Brush Head was made out of an extremely glossy and shiny metallic Plastic and the Handle was made out of a really thick matte Black Plastic, I thought that it felt really substantial yet ever so slightly lightweight. I also really liked it’s bristles, as they were made out of a really thin yet durable Plastic that felt really soft whenever I ran them through my Hair.

It’s size.

I really liked it’s size, as even though it had a two inch Infrared Strip Light embedded into it’s Brush Head, It was just the same size as an ordinary Hairbrush. I also really liked that it had a nice thick Handle to it that was really easy to hold.

It’s features.

I really liked it’s features, as it’s Infrared Light created an ever so slight amount of Heat that soothe my sometimes inflamed Scalp, and it’s Massage function also managed to sooth my Head whenever I had a Migraine.

it’s packaging.

I really liked it’s packaging, as this came in a really glossy rectangular Cardboard Box that felt really high-end.

My overall thoughts.

Overall I would have to rate the CareCo Mobility Infrared Massage Hairbrush a nine out of ten. I absolutely loved it’s extremely substantial yet ever so slightly lightweight material, it’s size, it’s features including that it managed to sooth my Head whenever I had a Migraine, and it’s packaging, but I did think that it was a little bit difficult to remove it’s Batteries, which given that it was meant to be a Mobility Aid for people that have coordination problems wasn’t really the best.
If you would like to check out the CareCo Mobility Infrared Massage Hairbrush for yourselves, then you can either pop into your local Care Co Mobility store, or you can find it online here.
I was very kindly sent a CareCo Mobility Infrared Massage Hairbrush to review, but all thoughts, opinions, and general ramblings are my own.
Have you checked out the CareCo Mobility Infrared Massage Hairbrush yet? What did you think of it? Do you suffer from Migraines too? Please let me know down below.

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Luke x

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