Confessions of a Blind Guy | How I Film, Edit, and Post A Video

After the success of my Confessions of a Blind Guy | How I Write A Post, I thought I would tell you how I make all of my YouTube videos. Like writing a post, this is also a very lengthy process.

It really depends on what kind of video I want to upload, but it always starts with the filming.

If i’m filming one of my sit down videos, like a favourites or a haul, I first have to set up all my equipment. First I have to get everything I want to mention in my video, and put it in a little bag. Then I have to make sure my background, also known as my room, looks nice and clean. After that I have to get my tripod and attach my Canon 600D to it and put it in place. Then I have to plug in my massive soft box light, and put that in place too. After that I then have to plug in my microphone, and clip it on to my shirt. Then I sit down, usually on my bed, and Jamie checks that everything is in frame. Then he focuses the camera, and hits the record button.

If i’m filming a #BlindGuyAdventures vlog, then when I want to film a clip, I use Voiceover on my phone to take a video, by opening the camera app and pressing the shutter button. Then I just start talking. Once i’ve finished, I just press the shutter button again, and lock my iPhone.

Once i’ve filmed everything, it’s time for the long hard editing to begin.

The first thing I do is plug in my memory card or iPhone into my macbook. I then use Voiceover to open iMovie, and hit the create new project button. Once the Create New Project menu has opened, I use Voiceover and the tab button to navigate to the New Movie and press the Control, Option and Space Bar buttons to select. Once another New Project Menu opens, using the same method I select Video, then I select the theme I want which is usually No Theme, and then I set the title of the movie. Then I hit the Create Project button.


After that I navigate to the Import button using the Voiceover and tab button method, and then use Control Option and Space Bar button to select it. Then using the same method I locate the clips i’ve just exported and select them all so they get added to my iMovie media library.

Once everything has been added to my iMovie library, I navigate to the Events Menu and add all the clips to my Project Timeline by finding the clip I want and pressing Control, Option, and the down button and then using Command, Option, and space bar click on the add selection button.

I then navigate to the Project Timeline section by using the tab button. Once there I use the Control, Option, and down button to enter the Project Timeline area and find the clip i’ve just added. I then use Control, Option, Shift, and the space bar to select the clip and hit the space bar to start the clip playing. While the clip is playing, I listen for the moment that I want to trim the clip to and hit the space bar to stop playback. Once the clip is at the point I want, I hit Control, Shift, and B to Split the clip. I then find the part of the video that i’ve just split, and select it using the Control, Option, and Space Bar method, and then hit Command and Delete to delete the clip. I then repeat this whole Splitting process until the video is complete and I like the look, and sound of the video.

If I want some background music, I navigate to the Audio section, and using the Tab button method, I navigate to the Media Sidebar and hit iTunes, then I navigate to the iTunes menu and find the music I want to add and hit Control, Option, and the Space Bar to bring up the sound clips menu and hit add selection. I then navigate to the Project timeline and find where the music ends. If the music doesn’t stretch across the entire video, I hit Control, Option, and M to bring up the iMovie menu and go to the edit menu. I then navigate down to the Connect option. This just adds the exact audio clip right next to the first one so it sounds like one audio clip. Once the audio clip is in place I have to change the audio clip volume by navigating to the Volume section of the editing options by using the Tab button. Once i’ve found the right Volume level, I then have to do the same process for any other audio clips.

The video is now finished. I just have to save it by navigating to the Share section and press it using the Control, Option, Space Bar method. I then hit the file button by doing the same method and following the onscreen instructions and saving it in one of my files.

Once it has saved, I have to open Safari and go to YouTube. Once YouTube has loaded, I then navigate to the Upload button and use Control, Option, and the Space Bar to click it. I then navigate to the select files button and use the Control, Option, Space Bar method to click it. Once the Upload menu opens, I have to find the video I want and use Control, Option, and Space Bar to select it. It can then take quite a while for YouTube to upload the video.

Once it’s finally uploaded, I navigate to the Title, Description, and Tag areas using the Tab button, and enter all the videos information and then navigate to save changes.

I then navigate to the Cards section and create a few cards to go along with my video. A card are those little boxes that appear when you’re watching my video.

Once I’ve created all the cards I want, I then navigate to the Enhancements section and click the Auto Fix, and Stabilise buttons using the Control, Option, and Space Bar method, to give my video a quick fix.

I then navigate back to the videos information area and change the privacy from private to unlisted. I then open a new browsing window and go to my YouTube Video Manager. Once there I click the videos link and once it loads and starts playing the video, I navigate to the sharing section and use the Control, Option, and Space Bar method to select it and then I hit the Embed button. I then use Command and A to select the code, and Command C to copy it.

I then navigate back to the video description browsing window and navigate to the Monetization section and check all the options I want which include wether or not I want any adverts in my video.

I then navigate back to the videos description section and navigate to the privacy section again and change it to Scheduled. I then choose the date, time, time zone that I want the video to go live at, and add a little message that will appear when I share the video.

I then have to create the little advert post on my blog using the Embed code which is basically what I do for a normal post which I told you in Confessions of a Blind Guy | How I Write A Post.

There you go, that’s how I film, edit, and upload a video.

I told you it was a lengthy process haha!

If you would like me to tell you how I do other things, then please just let me know down below.

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Luke x

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  1. Is there any chance you could tell me how to switch between projects. This seems like a very small thing, but I can’t get it to work. I go to the projects window and hit VO+space on the project I want. It tells me it’s selected, but I can’t get it to actually open up. I hardly ever use a Mac, so I’m sure it’s my lack of experience getting in the way here. Thanks.

  2. Oh yeah, also, how do you move things around on the timeline to go before or after other things. For example, I hit “W” when I was trying to put a title at the beginning, but it still went to the end. I can’t then move it all the way to the beginning. One thing is that it would take forever, because it moves slowly. But it basically acts like it’s running into my last clip, and it won’t move. And while I’m at it, how do I connect a voice over to a clip or title? I want to make sure the voice overs are moving with the correct bit of clip when I move it.

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