Confessions of a Blind Guy | How I Write A Post

Someone asked me the other day

“hey, how do you write a blog post being visually impaired?”

I thought it was a really interesting question, and after a little thought, I thought I would write a post telling you about the lengthy process I go through to write a post.

After thinking about what I want to write, this can take anything from five minutes to a couple of days, I light a candle or wax melt. I’m currently burning a Chocolat Orange Wax Melt from Kiss Air Candles . After a couple of minutes of having an argument with a lighter and a wick, I go get a drink while I let the fragrance fill the air. With my drink and candle or wax melt burning, I grab my macbook and get comfy. This usually means that I get into bed. I mean, my bed is the most comfiest place in the world haha!

Once i’ve done all that, it’s time for the hard work to begin. I now have to get the words out of my brain and onto my blog. Once my macbook has loaded up, and i’ve logged myself in, my screen reader, Voiceover, very kindly turns itself on. Using Voiceover, I load up Safari and head to my blogs dashboard. Then using the tab button, I keep pressing until I hear Voiceover say, Side Bar, then Bookmarks, then Bookmarks again, and then blog dashboard. Once my dashboard has loaded, I then have to use the same process, using Voiceover and the tab button, to navigated down the very lengthy menu until I hear it say, Add New Post.

Once the add new post page has loaded, I then have to use the tab button again to find the title text box and give my post a name. After adding my title, I have to use the tab button again to navigate to the post writing area. It can then take anywhere from half an hour to several days for me to get the entire post out of my head.

Once i’ve finished writing the post, I then have to navigate to the categories section using the Voiceover and tab button method, and choose the posts category. Once I decide on a category, I then have to use the Control button, the Option button, and the Space Bar, to check the box next to the category I want.

Once the category has been set, I then have to navigate to the tags section, again using the Voiceover and Tab button method, and type in all the tags I think go along with the post.

Once i’ve typed in all the tags, I then have to navigate to the SEO section, and set all the text you see when I share my post including the Meta Description, the little blurb underneath the button, and the focus keyword, what people search for, by using the Voiceover and Tab button method.

After all that I have to then read through my new post to see if everything sounds ok, and bribe Jamie into spell checking it for me.

If there’s any pictures in my new post, I have to bribe Jamie to first take them for me, and then bribe him again to send them to me with little captions below so I know what they actually are. Once I have them, I then use my phone to add them to my media library using the WordPress app. Once they’re on my media library, I then have to change the title, caption, and description, so they match up with my post. Once i’ve done that, I have to navigate back to my post and choose what I want the featured image, the picture you see when I share the post, to be.

I’ve nearly finished, and all I have to do is schedule the post buy navigating to the schedule section using the Voiceover and Tab button and choose the date and time I want to post the post.

All I have to do now is to navigate to the big schedule button and click it. The post will be posted at the time and date i’ve chosen.

Once the post has been posted, I then have to share it to about twenty different social media sites. I have an autoshare feature turned on, so that does a little of the work for me but I still have to share it on other sites, but I use my phone for this.

I first open Safari and copy the posts link and open my app, a link shortener, and shorten my link. I then share the link on twitter using all the hashtags I can think of, a couple of usual ones I use are #leedsbloggers #malebloggers and @ukbloggers1. If there’s a picture in my post, I then go back to my post and save the picture. I then open Instagram and share the picture with the shortened link and a whole host of hashtags in the caption. After Instagram, I go back to the post, and recopy the entire link, and share it on Stumble Upon, Klout, Flipboard, and all over the many Facebook groups that I belong to. After all that I recopy the shortened link from and schedule some tweets using Buffer to remind people to check out my post later in the day.

After all that, i’ve finally finished my post. I told you it was a lengthy proces, haha!

If you would like me to explain how I do other things, please let me know down below.

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Luke x

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  1. Hello Luke,

    it is really strange that you made this post today. I was just asked the very same question about writing a blog post just yesterday afternoon.

    You put a lot of work into your posts, that shows through lots of information put out in a fun style. What would you say is your favourite part of blogging, research, planning, writing or seeing your posts posted and being read?

    All the best

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