Confessions of a Blind Guy | Is Technology Acceptant of the Visually Impaired Community?

In this post, i’m going to talk about Technology, my favourite subject. A couple of days ago, someone asked me.

Do I Think Technology Is Acceptant of the Visually Impaired Community?.

Now before I start, i’m going to concentrate on the three main Operating Systems in this post. Which are Apple, Windows and Android or Google.

Now my answer to the question, is yes, and at the same time, no. I think each different system has it’s own interpretation of acceptance,.

Take Apple for instance. At the moment, mostly everyone in the Visually Impaired community uses their iPhone. The reason for this is because of the Accessibility Settings, eg, their VoiceOver, Zoom and Inverted Colours settings, these are great for us who still have Sight. However their Braille settings are pretty crappy. That is mainly because they hardly ever update the Braille settings.

On the other hand Android, has great Braille settings. This is because anyone can report a bug or a update that needs to happen, which once it has been reported, they instantly get to work updating it. Their Inverted Colours Zoom and VoiceOver settings are pretty non existent, unless you find an Android Extension or App to utilise the settings. Windows however, has no visually impaired settings on their Phones, which is totally opposite to their Computers.

On the other side, Apple’s Computers have all the same Visually Impaired settings as on their Phones. Android however does not. If you have a Android Computer. you have to search for different Extensions to use your Computers accessibility settings. Which should not be the case. Windows is the total opposite of their Phones. They go from non existent settings, to everything you could ever need, from Inverted Colours aka High Contrast to Magnifier and Narrator.

So getting back to the main question. The answer is yes and no, mainly because of the things I have said above. Each company sets it’s own plans for how Visually Impaired users use their products.

What do you think?, Is technology accessible to use?, What ever you think, please let me know down below.

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Luke x

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  1. Being visually impaired and a blogger I find my android phone, Samsung Galaxy S6 life saving. Whether it’s writing or reading, listening to music and connecting with family and friends it does it all. I’d hate to think how I’d have cooed without it.

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