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Sorry, I know I haven’t done a Confessions of a Blind guy post in quite a while, but I thought I would start this series back up by talking about my new glasses, and why I switched optitians.

As you may already know, i suffer from a hereditory eye condition called Retinitis Pigmentosa. I have always had two eye tests a year. One with my retinal specialist, and the other with a regular high street optitians.

The specialist appointment can be at anytime of the year, but I usually sheduale the regular appointment for August.

About three years ago, it was time for my anual eye test, so I rang my optitians, Specsavers, to book an appointment.

While I was booking the appointment, I mentioned that I had recently updated my Ceryificate of Blindness, and asked if they had received a copy. Thay hadn’t and asked me if it would be possible for me to bring it with me.

I arrived at the appointment, and after doing all the pre eye test thing, i was guided into the optitians office.

Before starting the test, I said that I had my Certificate with me, and does he need to read it before he starts.

After handing it to the optitian , he studied it for a second, and said, according to this it says you’re completely blind. I’m not, i’m classed as severely partially sighted. I told him, and I then said I have a condition called Retiniris Pigmentosa. He looked dubfoued, and made a kind of umm noise, and just carried on with the eye test.

An optitian that doesn’t know what Retinitis Pigmentosa is, didn’t fill me with confidence.

I am aware it’s not that common, but an optitian should at least have a vague idea of what it is, O mean it has retina at the begining of it. It’s your job to know about eyes.

I decided there and then to switch optitians.

Before using Specsavers, I used to use an independant optitian on my high street, so I decided to go back to him.

After talking to him for a little while, and explaining my condition, I booked my appointment.

The appointment rolled around, and I went to my appointment. It turns out, not only was he friendly, he had gone away and researched Retinitis pigmentosa. As well as this, he had also devised a specific test just for me, which would give better results.

It turns out, going to an independant optitian, rather than something that’s a household name worked out better for me.

Even though I switched my eye test to another optitian, I still get my frames from Sprcsavers. It’s nothing to do with the optitian I receive my eye test from, I just don’t see myself wearing any of the frames he stocks.

After I had my eye test, the perscription stayed the same for anyone wondering, I poped into my local Specsavers to choose some frames.

I entered the store and greeted the doorman, he’s always so friendly, and headed to reception.

After saying hello to the woman on reception, and handing her my perscription, she said to go have a look, and someone will be over to help you in a moment.

I had decided to go for a designer frame and had looked online beforehand, and had found some I loved. The idea I had, was to just ask for the frames I had seen. Unfortunately,after waiting for twenty minutes, no one came to help, so Jamie had to just see if the frames matched up with the ones online. It would have been much easier if someone had came and helped. I mean the store was practically dead, so I didn’t see why someone couldn’t have just came and asked if we were ok. It would have only taken me ffve minutes instead of thirty.

After Jamie had figured out which frames matched the online pictures, i took them to reception.

The two, yes I bought two, they had a two for one designer deal, and I can never refuse a good deal, were the F92’s and the F96’s.

The F92’s are the more stylish and funky of the two, as they have textured grooves down the outside of the arms, and then the innerside has smooth matte plastic so they don’t iritate your head. The front frame is made of smooth shiny metal, so adding the cool textured grooves with the shiny smooth metal makes them cool and edgy but function pair of glasses, that really make a statement.

The F96’s are the more professional looking, with thin plastic arms and a ultrathin metal front. The cool part to these are the mock rimeless frame design.

They both obviously have the French Connection logo running down the sides.

The thing I don’t like about the F92’s is that they don’t feel right on my head, but I think that’s because they’re a much thicker frame than my last pair. The only thing I don’t like about the F96’s is that they’re extremely tight, but I think they’ll loosen when I use them more.

I think I choose the perfect two pairs as I have a pair for when I want  to be more fun, and a pair for when I need to be professional, not that that ever happens, haha!

Don’t forget, your eyes are changing all the time, so if you feel something has changed, go for an eye test. I can’t stress enough the importance of eyecare and your sight.

What are your frames like? Have you gotten any new ones lately? Please let me know down below.


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