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Some time ago, you may remember I wrote a review of The Yorkshire Soap Company’s Cherry Bakewell Cake Soap and Bath Bomb, if not, you can find it here. Well, it turns out they offer quite a few other products in the range, and I thought I should tell you about them too.
The other products in the range are.
Cherry Bakewell Bath Salts.

Cherry Bakewell Bath Foam.

Cherry Bakewell Shower Gel.

Cherry Bakewell Moisturiser

Cherry Bakewell Bath Truffle.
The Yorkshire Soap Company Cherry Bakewell Bath Salts
The Bath Salts are as you would expect, little red crystals that you drop in a fully ran bath to help you relax. But be careful as in their packaging, a large cylindrical tub, they pack enough punch to nearly knock you out and leave you in a Cherry Bakewell haze. Once in the water, they evaporate to leave a subtle scent. It’s just enough for you to notice it’s there, but not enough to interfere with other scents.
The Yorkshire Soap Company Cherry Bakewell Bath Foam

The Bath Foam, is basically a thick bubble bath. It has a thick consistency and a scent that makes you crave Cherry Bakewell. Once in the bath, it creates fluffy light bubbles, with a strong scent that fills the room.

The Yorkshire Soap Company Cherry Bakewell Shower Gel

The Shower Gel, is absolutely to die for. It’s extremely watery in consistency, quite literally like a body milk. You only need a little, as a little goes a long way. The scent is like the rest of the range, strong and bold. If you want to reek of Cherry Bakewell, then using this and the moisturiser will give you what you want.

The Yorkshire Soap Cherry Bakewell Moisturiser

The Moisturiser, is again, extremely watery in consistency. Two pumps of this magnificent product will cover your body and leave you smelling of Cherry Bakewell. It also leaves your skin baby soft, which is always a plus. The Moisturiser has to be the strongest smelling in the range, so be careful!

The Yorkshire Soap Company Cherry Bakewell Bath Truffle
The Bath Truffle, has to be the cutest product in the range. It looks exactly like a truffle, from its shape, right down to the added paper wrapping. The truffles come in a ribbon wrapped bag, so they’re perfect as a gift, Christmas hint hint, haha!
The Truffles are just a massive block of dried oil, so they’re perfect for those of us who suffer from dry skin. A little heads up, don’t wash your hair in the oil water as it of course leaves your hair incredibly greasy. I did this and I can tell you from personal experience the drowned rat look isn’t a good one, ha!
Overall after trying the entire range, I would have to rate it an nine out of ten. I love all the range, but everything needs to have the same strength of scent, obviously the more the better.
The Yorkshire Soap Company, please release this as a candle, a fragrance, and a body butter and when you do, there’s nothing that will stop the Cherry Bakewell range from being in everyone’s bathroom.
The Yorkshire Soap Company now have an online store, so for those of you not in Yorkshire, you can now get your hands on this intoxicatingly good scent. If you want to buy anything I mentioned, you can find them here.
As always, they’re incredibly low price for the amount you get. The Bath Salts retail at £9.50, the Bath Foam retails at £6.50, as does the Shower Gel, the Moisturiser retails at £7.50, and the Bath Truffle retails at £2.50. As you can see, they’re very reasonably priced. They even offer gift set deals, where you pick a Bath Foam, a Shower Gel, and a Moisturiser, all for £15, and it’s even gift boxed with cute ribbon. It’s a fantastic gift for someone, or for yourself, which is what I do. Well I deserved it, haha!
The Yorkshire Soap Company is fast becoming my favourite store. What’s yours?, and have you bought anything new lately?

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Luke x

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