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A few weeks ago, I was shopping with Jamie, and he said that I had to pop in to a new store he had found.

The store in question, was The Yorkshire Soap Company.

The Yorkshire Soap Company, retail in soap, that was kind of obvious wasn’t it? As well as soap, they also sell, bath bombs, bath melts, candles, body butters, bath salts, and a whole lot more. Basically, anything for your bath, they sell it.

The quirky thing about The Yorkshire Soap Company, is that everything is not what it first appears.

Take their soaps for example. Of course you can buy them in a bar form, but you can also buy them in either a cake slice or a cupcake.

You really have to be careful in their store, as once you enter, you may leave feeling incredibly hungry.

The look and feel of the store is as quirky as their products. All of the cake slices and cupcakes are all displayed on little cake stands, and the music in their store is always something from a musical. For example, everytime I have been in, they had A Spoonful Of Sugar from Mary Poppins playing.

You get the feeling, they really have thought about their overal look and quirky feel.

When you’re in their store, you feel as if you have been transported to a mini tea party, and everyone is invited.

They not only offer some wonderful products, they also offer some incredible scents. From your more traditional scents like rose and violet, they also offer some interesting combinations like lemon fizz, green tea and jasmine, tomato and rosemary, and many others.

After walking around and smelling all of their wonderful products, I noticed they sell one of my all time favourite smells, Cherry Bakewell. Not only do they sell it as a bath bomb, but they also sell it as a soap cake slice. Naturally I bough both.

The cake slice looks exactly like a slice of cake. From the shape, to the little added intricate cake decoration on the top. The smell is gorgeous. It’s that perfect mix between cherries and marzipan. it has a little bit of a soapy after scent, but it is a soap.

Not only does it smell to die for, but it also leaves your hands feeling incredible, and smelling good for hours.

Once I had bought my soap and taken it out of the bag, I was quite surprised at their packaging. I was expecting a paper bag. What I got was a massive cardboard box reminicet of the box you get when you order a bespoke cake from a fancy high end cake shop.

They really have thought of everything when it comes to their branding.

As well as purchasing the Cherry Bakewell soap, I also purchased their Cherry Bakewell bath bomb.

It was massive, and when I say massive, I mean it. It could have quite easily been split in to two.

The bath bomb did what a bath bomb usually does. It fizzed and hissed and then fell to the bottom of the bath. The scent was so strong. You could smell it all over the house. As soon as you came in the house, you could smell it. I guess if you were to split it in two, the scent would be a little diluted, but not by a lot.

The packaging of their bath bombs are as nice as their cake slices. They wrap it in a little plastic bag, and tie it all up with fancy ribbon.

I was expecting their products to be very pricey, but they’re actually quite cheap to some other cosmetic companies. All of their soap cake slices retail for just £5, which for the amount you get is ridiculously good value for money. Their bath bombs retail for just £2.50, which again, for the amount you get it’s extremely good value for money, and if you were to split them in two it’s even better value for money.

Overall, I would have to rate their cake slice an eight point five out of ten. It loses a few points because of the soapy after scent. The bath bomb gets a nine point five out of ten. It was incredible. i am incredibly impressed and I will be stopping by to pick up more of their scents.

Unfortunately, The Yorkshire Soap Company is only in Yorkshire but you really have to check them out.

Have you been to The Yorkshire Soap Company? What were your favourite products? Please let me know down below.


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  1. This sounds incredible! I can’t believe how good those prices are. I can’t say I’ll be in Yorkshire in the near future, but if I ever am, I’ll keep this place in mind. Thanks for sharing!

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