Dads Can Bathe Too | Lush York Father’s Day Launch

Last week, me and Jamie were very kindly invited down to Lush York to come and try out all the new wonderful products Lush have launched for Fathers Day. After having an amazing time trying everything out, I thought I would tell you all about it.

A bottle of Lemonade.

A picture of a bottle of Lemonade next to a tray.

Once we walked into the beautiful Lush store, we were kindly greeted by all the wonderful staff and offered a drink. There was either Lemonade or Ginger Beer to choose from. I went for the Lemonade, as i’m not really a fan of Ginger Beer. After getting our drinks, we took a little look at some of the new products that were on the lovely display as you walk in.

After a couple of minutes, the friendly manager introduced herself and her amazing staff. After she had introduced everyone, she told us that she had a little game for us. It was a treasure hunt. We were all split into groups of two, so me and Jamie, and we were all assigned different coloured pieces of paper that were hidden around the store. They all had clues to a specific product written on them, and we had to collect all the products in a basket and the first one to collect all their products won a prize. We unfortunately didn’t win, but I had loads of fun trying to figure out the clues.

A tall bottle of the Smugglers Soul fragrance.

A picture of a bottle of the Lush Smugglers Soul fragrance.

After we had finished the treasure hunt, the wonderful store manager gathered us all around her, and started telling us all about the inspiration behind the Fathers Day range, and that Sandalwood is heavily featured within the new range. She then started to tell us all about the Sandalwood they use including, what it actually is, where they source it from, that it’s heavily illegally sold, and that for every kilogram they use, they give $50 to Australian farmers to keep it sustainable, she also told us that Lush even sell a book about the journey of their Sandalwood.

She then started to show us the Smugglers Soul fragrance, which is featured in some of the Fathers Day range. It’s a really nice fragrance containing two types of Sandalwood Oil, and Lemongrass Oil. We got to see it in both the solid version, which is perfect if you don’t want to carry around a big bottle if you like to reapply during the day, and the spray version, which is a lot stronger than the solid version.


After that we then wondered onto the bath section to check out the two new bath bombs and the new bubble bar they have launched. The first one was Lava Lamp, which isn’t part of the new Fathers Day range but has been brought up from their Oxford Street store. This is a very Orange smelling bath bomb that once dropped into the bath, the purple spots release into the bath and combine with the vivid colour of the bath bomb to create a psychodelic lava lamp look. I really like this, and it’ll probably be coming home with me very soon.

A blue star shaped bath bomb.

A picture of the Lush Super Dad bath bomb.

The second bath bomb we got to see was the Super Dad. This contains two types of Sandalwood Oil, and Olibanium Oil. It’s a great bath bomb with a fantastic bang that has a nice clean woody scent, so it’s perfect for those Dads who are just getting to grips with Lush.


The last bath product we checked out was the Modfather. This is a lovely Orange smelling Bubble Bar containing Brazilian Orange Oil. This really reminds me of the Brightside Bubble Bar. I also think this is inspired by the Mod era.

A large block of soap.

A picture of the Lush Thanks Dad soap.

After checking out all the new bath products, we wondered over to the Soaps area to check out the new Thanks Dad Soap. This is fantastic, and just smells of Chocolate Orange Digestives. I know, who doesn’t like their hands smelling of Chocolate Orange Digestives. This is also already cut into nice blocks for you so you don’t have to worry that it’s a weird shape or size.

A large black tub full of scrub.

A picture of a tub of the Lush Smugglers Soul Scrub.

We then wondered over to the skincare area to check out both the new Smugglers Soul Scrub and the Smugglers Soul Multi Purpose Cream. The Smugglers Soul Scrub is amazing and has more of a soft Sand texture which is perfect for those that just want a light daily scrub. It also strangely contains Bamboo, which like all of Lush’s ingrediants is sustainably sourced. The Smugglers Souls Multi Purpose Cream has a much stronger scent and can be basically used for everything including, moisturising your skin or face, or it can even be used to style your hair.

A circular block of solid conditioner.

A picture of the Lush The Plumps Conditioner Bar.

We then wondered over to the haircare area to check out the new Smugglers Soul Shampoo Bar. This contains chunks of Cocoa Butter, so it’s perfect for anyone who doesn’t have time to shampoo and condition their hair. We also checked out a few more of their haircare including The Plumps which is supposed to give massive amounts of volume.


We then moved onto the Gift Sets area to check out some of the incredible gift sets that Lush have put together, including Wash On The Wild Side which is based on the beach, Papa Bear that is based on Rupert the Bear and includes a gorgeous scarf which i’m considering buying just for the scarf, and Lush Men which comes in a gorgeous wooden box and contains everything a man could need from Lush.

After checking out everything from the new range, we were told that we could just wonder around and take advantage of an empty store. Jamie decided to pick up a Big Blue Bath Bomb as it reminded him of being by the Sea. After Jamie had bought his Big Blue, the evening was coming to a close so we said our thank you’s and goodbye’s to the wonderful staff and started to head for our train, but before we left one of the wonderful staff members handed us both a marvellous goodie bag which contained, a Mod Father Bubble Bar, a block of the Thanks Dad Soap, a tub of the Smugglers Soul Scrub, a Floating Island Bath Oil, and a The Plumps Conditioner Bar.

I had an amazing time checking out all the new products, and I would just like to thank all the staff at Lush York for having us, and Urika for inviting me and Jamie. If you’re ever passing the beautiful Lush York store, I highly recommend you pop in and say hello.

If you would like to check out any of the new Lush Fathers Day products i’ve mentioned, then just click here.

Have you checked out anything from the new Lush Fathers Day range? What did you think? What’s your favourite ever Lush product? Please let me know down below.

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Luke x

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