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I’m always trying to add a few more natural products into my skincare routine, so when ECO Natural Products asked if I would like to try their Osma Alum Block Stone, I readily accepted. I’ve been using it for quite a while now, and I thought I would tell you what I thought.
ECO Natural Products, is an online store where you can simply and safely purchase products needed for your daily hygene and beauty routine, good mood, relaxation, and spa. They’re also quite picky about what products they stock, and only stock items you won’t find on the high street like Russian cosmetics, Alum stones, and even natural make up.

A small brown Osma Labeled box, with a block of shiny silver minerals next to it.

A picture of the ECO Natural Products Osma Alum Block Stone.

The ECO Natural Products Osma Alum Block Stone, is a natural crystal mineral of Alum, and has been used for over 4000 years as a natural antiseptic after shave. It can also be used as a deodorant for your body and feet, an aftershave treatment, and as a styptic for minor bleeding from shaving.
Once I had removed it from it’s packaging, I was a little confused as to what I was supposed to do with it. It’s just a small, shiny, hard, block of minerals. It actually really reminds me of one of those stones I used to pick up off of the beach when I was a kid. After a little research, I finally figured out that I was supposed to wet it, and rub it on the area I wanted to apply it to.
As you may already know, i’m rubbish at shaving my face. I either miss a few spots, or end up cutting myself profusely, so when I received this I thought it would come in extremely handy at some point in the very near future. I strangely ended up using it the very next day. Once I had finished my usual shave . I just dipped the block in water and ran it over the areas where I had cut myself. I do have to admit, it did sting a little at first, but it was extremely effective.
It usually takes my skin a good couple of days to heal any cuts, but my facial cuts were virtually non-existent the day after.

Another great use for this little block of minerals is to stop oily skin, which is perfect during the warmer weather. It basically soaked up all the oil and left me shine free all day.
It also strangely doesn’t have any smell. With it being some kind of mineral, I was expecting it to have a kind of earthy salty smell, but no. It has absolutely no smell. I’m guessing this would be fantastic for when you use it as a deodorant, but I haven’t done that yet. The only thing I would say is don’t leave it by anything that has a strong smell, as it will soak it right up.

Overall I would have to rate the ECO Natural Product Osma Alum Block Stone, an eight point five out of ten. I really like it, and I love that it has so many different uses. I also like that it heals any cuts in a matter of hours, instead of days. If you’re looking for an all natural after shave balm, then I highly recommend you check out this amazing block of minerals.

I really enjoyed using the ECO Natural Products Osma Alum Block Stone, and I would just like to thank ECO Natural Products for sending me it.

Have you checked out the ECO Natural Products Osma Alum Block Stone? What did you think? Please let me know down below

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Luke x

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