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A couple of months ago, both me and Jamie were very kindly invited down to Burley Road Studios to come and check out the Emmerdale Studio Experience, and after having an absolutely amazing time checking everything out, I thought that I would tell you all about it.

As well as going with Jamie, I also went with the amazingly talented Michelle, who has taken all of the pictures in this post, so if you like what you see, please go show her some love.

A white rectangular sign that has Emmerdale written in bold black capital writing on it next to another white rectangular sign that has please drive carefully through our village written in bold black writing and a picture of some shrubs on it, on a grey background.

A picture of the Emmerdale welcome sign at the Emmerdale Studio Experience.

Here’s what the Emmerdale Studio Experience say about themselves.

Experience the drama at the former ITV studios at 27 Burley Road, as we take you on a guided journey into the world of Emmerdale.

What happened when I visited the Emmerdale Studio Experience.

Once we had finally arrived in Leeds, and had been for something to eat, we eventually decided to head to the Emmerdale Studio Experience, which is located inside the Burley Road Studios on Burley Road in Leeds City Centre.

Once we had all entered the beautiful old building, we were very kindly greeted by a really nice woman, who said hi, and asked us if we were ok. We said hi back, and that we were there for the Emmerdale Studio Experience, and after a second or so of her checking her guest list, she showed us to their Cafe area and asked us if we would like a drink, to which we of course said yes. She then said that there was either a nice fresh Orange Juice, a sweet Apple Juice, or a tangy Cranberry Juice on offer, and after a second or so of us all deciding, we all eventually went for the sweet Apple Juice. We then just sat, sipped our drinks, and chatted for a while whilst we waited for some of the other bloggers to arrive.

Then after a couple of minutes of us all chatting and sipping our drinks, the really nice woman gathered us all up, showed us into a massive Cinema room, and introduced us to Mark and Oliver who would be our guides for the evening. We then sat back and watched a montage of some of Emmerdale’s most dramatic clips, and was told that it had been on our screens since 1972, and if we were old enough that we might just remember it as Emmerdale Farm until 1989.

A square black sign that has 1972 October 16 Monday written in white writing on it surrounded by some rectangular pictures of Emmerdale characters and some drawings of actions on a white board, on a white background.

A picture of some storyboards on a wall at the Emmerdale Studio Experience.

We then moved onto the Writer’s Room, which is where all of the dramatic storylines begin, and was told that because Emmerdale is now on five times a week, that they need a team of around twenty eight writers working on a storyline at any one time. We were then told how a story is actually made, including that they first write out the story outline, then they draw it into a storyboard, and that it’s then drawn out by an illustrator. We were then shown a few of the schedules that were hung on the walls which showed when which storyline would happen, and who would be taking part in it, but unfortunately there weren’t any spoilers as these were old schedules.

A metal clothing rack full of some clothes in various different colours including bright pink and black next to a square white sign that has Bernice written in bold black writing on it, on a dark background.

A picture of a clothing rack at the Emmerdale Studio Experience.

We then moved onto the Costume Department, which holds a lot of the costumes that have been used on the show. We were allowed to look at and feel a few of them, but a lot of them, including Annie Sugden’s original Pinny, were cornered off or behind glass. We were also shown a couple of tablets which help them to ensure that the same outfits are worn on different days of filming, and were also let into a little secret on how they age some of the outfits, including that they run a Car over Jackets to make them look old and weathered.

We then moved onto the Makeup Studio, and were shown how they achieve some of the special effects like wounds and blood. We were also let into a little secret, and were told that some of the male cast spend longer in the makeup chair than some of the female cast do.

A large rectangular grey and white Styrofoam brick on a silver table, on a light background.

A picture of a Brick at the Emmerdale Studio Experience.

We then moved onto the Props Department, and were shown everything from street and court signs, to some of the faux food from David’s shop, and even some of the framed pictures that they use in the house scenes. We even got to hold the Brick that Cameron used to kill Carl with, which was really light, as it’s actually made from Polystyrene.

We then moved onto seeing a few of the sets, and although most of the filming is done in their Studios down the road, they had meticulously recreated some of the sets for the Studio Experience.

The first set we saw was Bernice’s Beauty Parlour, and as well as being told that they actually use quite a lot of real beauty products, we were also told that whenever anyone stomps upstairs on film, that they have to just wait at the top until the scene has finished as the stairs don’t actually go anywhere. We were also allowed to have a try of some of the tablets that control the lighting, and were set a challenge to see if we could get it right as they need to make it look as if natural light is coming through the fake windows.

Some Grey Bricks that have Dingles' Bar written on them in bold underlined black writing, on a light background.

A picture of the Dingles’ Bar sign at the Emmerdale Studio Experience.

We then moved onto The Dingles’ Living Room, and were told that they make furniture and rooms look old by adding dust and dirt to them,. We were also shown how they film from different angles to best capture the expressions and reactions of the characters.

We then moved onto the house above the Vet’s, and as well as being told a little about the storyline’s it’s been involved in, we were also offered the chance to record a video message, but unfortunately we were all a little too shy.

A screen in a dark room that has a picture of an angry man wearing a white chef's outfit in a brightly lit Pub on it and Edit Desk written in bold white writing below it, on a light background.

A picture of the Editing Suite at the Emmerdale Studio Experience.

We then moved onto the Editing Suite, and were told about how all the footage is edited to ensure that you’re always shown the most important parts, whether that’s a person delivering an important line, or a characters reaction. We were also told that they actually film a lot more footage that doesn’t make it into the show, and that the producer always has the final say on what gets used.

A light tan brick model Pub with a black sign above it's black door, white windows, and a light brown bench outside it, on a light background.

A picture of the model Woolpack at the Emmerdale Studio Experience.

We then moved onto a room that contained a model miniature version of the village, and were told that it’s used when they need to film some scenes from above, and that they all contain realistic details including windows, brickwork, and even gardens.

We then moved onto another Cinema room, and were shown a video about how important Weather is to the show, and how they use it to create drama and atmosphere. We were also told that they often have to battle the elements as they film six weeks in advance. Whilst we were watching the video, dry Ice and smoke started sneaking across the floor and filling up the room, and then right at the end of the video two massive fans went off and we had our own Emmerdale Weather experience.

We then moved onto another room which was also filled with chairs, and were told about how they create some of their biggest dramatic scenes, including the Helicopter Crash from last year. The room then went dark and we experienced the Helicopter Crash for ourselves, which actually scared the living hell out of me, haha!

We then finished everything off with a visit to The Woolpack, and were served some drinks and nibbles like mini Bangers and Mash, and cones of Fish and Chips, but as I had already eaten and was already pretty full, I didn’t eat anything. We also got the chance to have our pictures taken behind the bar, which I thought was really cool.

We then just sat, chatted, and sipped our drinks for a little while before we decided that it was time to head off. So we went to the gift shop to pick up our pictures, which is actually David’s Shop, said our thank you’s and goodbye’s to all of the amazing staff, and headed off back into Leeds to catch our Train.

I had an absolutely amazing time checking out the Emmerdale Studio Experience, and if you would like to find out more about them, including where you can buy your tickets from, you can find them online here.

I would just like to thank the Emmerdale Studio Experience for having me, Jamie and Michelle , and for hosting such a fabulous evening.

Have you been to the Emmerdale Studio Experience yet? What did you think of it? What’s your favourite Soap? Please let me know down below.

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Luke x

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