Event Extravaganza #1 | Cutler and Gross and Fabrication Crafts

Hi all my wonderful readers. I hope you’re all having a brilliant day.

These past couple of weeks, I have been invited to quite a few events. Well, all this week I will be telling you all about them in not one, not two, but three postss, which is a first for me.

Rack Of Glasses At Cutler And Gross

The first event I was invited to was the launch of Cutler and Gross’ new Leeds store.

Cutler and Gross are a London based luxury eyewear company founded in 1969 by two optometrists, Graham Cutler, and Tony Gross. Their glasses were first launched in 1971, and they launched their fashion forward statement pieces in 1982 during Paris Fashion Week.

They now create both sunglasses and optical designs for everyone.

Upon entering their beautiful and brand new store, we were greeted by a very nice gentlemen who handed me a glass of Prosecco and guided us into the store.

Once inside, we started to have a little wander around. I was seriously worried about walking into or knocking something over as the walls were lined full of the most beautiful and intriguing eyeware. All of it looked gorgeous. Just by looking at the pieces downstairs I could tell they cared about what they did.

After we walked around for a little while longer, we decided to head upstairs.

Upstairs was masssive. Downstairs isn’t small, but compared to upstairs, upstairs was humongous. We decided to head to the left and that’s pretty much where we stayed as the other side got incredibly busy and me and busy don’t mix well, haha! Once we turned to the left we was met by one of our fellow bloggers, Laura, and we chatted for a little while and looked at even more incredible glasses.

After Jamie had tried on quite a few pairs of glasses, I didn’t dare touch anything as I was nervous I would break them, we got chatting to our host.

She told us all about the new store and the brand and her role in the company. Then we got chatting about wether or not we liked wearing our glasses and that just because we do doesn’t mean we can’t look fabulous doing so, which I totally agree with. We then moved onto her explaining a few of their amazing ranges including their new Circus range. Instead of it focusing on circus animals, it focuses on people, which is an awesome concept and they all look beautiful. She then told us all about their vintage inspired range, which is inspired by their glasses museum at their London Knightsbridge store. I even asked her about a little glasses problem I have been having, and she recommended that I should try a different style that might fit me a little better.

After we had finished talking to our incredible host, a friendly gentleman asked me if I would like one of their dessert canapes. There had been some more savoury canapes earlier, but I couldn’t eat any of them due to my weird food habits haha. The gentleman said there was either a Banoffee Tartlet or a Chocolate Brownie to choose from. I went for the tartlet. It was heavenly. It had crumbly crunchy pastry and the perfect medium between bannana and toffee, uh! It was gorgeous. Where ever the got that from, I have to know.

After we had a little bit more of a wander about, we decided to leave as the event was drawing to a close.

I had an incredible time finding out a lot about a brand I didn’t really know about. I loved all of their fantastic glasses, and I will definitely be picking myself up a pair at some point in the near future.

You can find Cutler and Gross eyewear in many different stores, but if you want to check out their incredible eyewear at their website, you can do so, by clicking here.

Coconut Oil And Makeup Table At Fabrication Craft

The next event I was kindly invited to was the Fabrication Crafts Beauty and Fashion event held at their store in The Light Leeds.

Fabrication Crafts is actually quite unique. They sell all kinds of products from clothes, jewelry and beauty products to metal work. They also hold classes in sewing and other incredible crafts that I wouldn’t be able to do if my life depended on it. They are all about showcasing local talent, so everything they sell in their store is created by loads of different people and businesses within Leeds. The only drawback to this is that, because everything is made by hand locally and in sometimes in extremely small batches, they may be there one day and gone the next. They even offer some bespoke products that are made only for you.

Upon arriving at their wonderfully quirky store, we were kindly greeted by one of the friendly staff members. She said hello and that we could just wander around. She also pointed us in the direction of all the incredible beauty products.

We met up with a blogging friend prior to the event, Kariss, as she was also going to the event and we all pretty much stuck together throughout the entire event.

We had a little wander around and headed to the beauty section. We were met by another friendly staff member who started to explain all about the products at her table. At her table was all of the Stag and Wolfe products.

All of Stag and Wolfe’s products are made from reliable sustainable extra virgin coconut oil and contain absolutely no additions. They’re parabin free, cruelty free, and good to the planet.

The first things we tried out were the lip balms. Now most of the range is also vegan friendly, but as the lip balms contain beeswax these are unfortunately not vegan friendly. We first had a little smell of the honey scent. It wasn’t for me as i’m not a honey fan. I did however like the next one which was the mango. It was so fruity, uh! It was gorgeous.

We then got to talking about all of their fantastic makeup. All of their bronzers and eyeshadows are incredibly pigmented but subtle at the same time.

We then got talking about the star of Stag and Wolfe, Coconut Oil.

The Coconut Oil is extra virgin and is totally natural. I absolutely hate coconut smells and even I loved the smell of this, so if I can handle it, anyone can. An added bonus is that their Coconut Oil only retails for £6.50, which for Coconut Oil is incredibly good value for money.

After we had finished talking about the beauty products, we decided it was time to go as it was getting late and we all had trains to catch.

I had an incredible time and I highly recommend you check out Fabrication Crafts as soon as you can as once something is gone there’s a very rare chance it will be there again.

I had a brilliant time at both events and I would like to say a massive thank you to both Cutler and Gross and Fabrication Crafts for a wonderful time.

Don’t forget to come back on Wednesday to see what I got up to next.


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Luke x

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