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A couple of weeks ago, both me and Jamie went to see Fat Friends The Musical at the Alhambra Bradford, and after having a fantastic time, I thought that I would tell you all about it.

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Here’s what Fat Friends The Musical say about themselves.

The hit TV show Fat Friends from award-winning national treasure Kay Mellor, (creator of Girlfriends, Love, Lies & Records, Band of Gold, The Syndicate and In The Club) has burst onto the stage in a brand new musical, with original music by Nick Lloyd Webber.

Join the infamous group of TV’s most loveable characters as they’re put through their Zumba paces at their local branch of Super Slimmers by the lovelorn Lauren, whilst Kelly fantasises about fitting into the wedding dress of her dreams.

Packed full of hope, humour, love and weight loss, this new stage show reunites our favourite foodie friends and sell-out audiences are loving it!

With an All-Star cast including West End favourite and winner of the BBC’s I’d Do Anything Jodie Prenger, X Factor winner Sam Bailey, pop sensation Natasha Hamilton, star of Emmerdale and Wicked Natalie Anderson, Coronation Street legend Kevin Kennedy and, making his stage debut, Andrew “Freddie” Flintoff, Fat Friends The Musical is a feel-good night out for every body and is a HUGE hit!

What happened when I went to see Fat Friends The Musical at the Alhambra Bradford.

Once we had finally arrived in Bradford, and had been for something to eat, we eventually headed to the Alhambra Bradford, which is located next door to Bradford Live on Morley Street in Bradford City Centre.

Then once we had walked into the beautiful foyer, we looked around for a couple of minutes and tried to figure out where we were supposed to go, before Jamie eventually found a sign that said Stalls on it with a very long queue in front of it. Then after about ten or so minutes of us queuing, we eventually reached the front where a really nice woman said hi and took our tickets. We said hi back and asked if it would be possible for someone to show us to our seats as neither of us could see very well in the dark, she said that would be fine and that there would be an attendant at the end of the corridor that would be happy to help us. We then said thanks and headed down the corridor to try and find the attendant. Then once we had reached the end of the corridor, a really nice woman said hi and asked if she could help us. We said hi back and asked if she could help us find our seats as we can’t see very well in the dark, and after she had looked at our tickets, she showed us to some really comfy seats that were opposite the stage.

Then after we had gotten comfy and had been chatting for about ten or so minutes, a really loud recording of a woman with a very strong Yorkshire accent reminded us all to shut off our Phones, before the show eventually started.

What I thought of the show.

It’s opening.

I really liked that they opened the show with all of the cast at a Zumba session, as I thought that it instantly set the scene of the entire show and quickly introduced us to all of the characters.

Everyone’s performances.

I really liked everyone’s performances, as I thought that they all embodied the mix of people that you would usually find at your local slimming club, from Lauren the bossy Club Leader who still thinks that she needs to lose a little bit of weight even though she’s as thin as a Rake, to Kelly who wants to lose two Stone so she can fit into a £2,000 Wedding Dress in eight weeks.

I also really liked the chemistry between everyone, as I really believed that Kelly and Kevin loved each other, that Betty and Fergus also loved each other despite their worries and that Lauren and Paul fell in love throughout the show despite their differences of faith.

I also really liked everyone’s accents, as with it being set in Leeds, everyone except Natasha Hamilton had to speak in a very thick Yorkshire accent and I thought that everyone pulled it off perfectly, as I couldn’t actually tell that Betty and Fergus were played by Sam Bailey and Kevin Kennedy until I had finished watching the show.

The songs.

I absolutely loved all of the songs, as I thought that they were absolutely hilarious and beautifully sung, including one sung by Chloe Hart where she describes her craving for Chocolate. I also really liked the songs between Natalie Anderson and Jonathan Halliwell, as I thought that it showed that their characters both loved each other but couldn’t be in a relationship because of their differences of Faith.

The story.

I really liked the story of Kelly struggling to lose two stone so that she could fit into the Wedding Dress of her dreams, and the evil yet sassy and bitchy Julia Fleshmen capitalising on it to promote her failing Slimming Clubs.

I also really liked that they had included most of the story from the first series of the TV show but had slightly changed a few parts and characters to make the stage show a little bit more interesting and fast paced. I did think that it was better if you hadn’t seen the TV show though, as if you had you could get a little bit confused.

Even though it was called a Comedy, it did have a couple of sad moments in it, including one part in the second half where Kelly and Kevin split up due to Kevin calling Kelly a few bad names, but I thought that it just added to the overall feel good story of the show

My overall thoughts.

Overall I would have to rate Fat Friends The Musical a nine point five out of ten. I absolutely loved it, and thought that it was a fantastic show that had some happy, some sad and some incredibly funny parts to it that was performed brilliantly. The only thing that I didn’t like about it however, was that it had quite a few visual jokes in it, which with me being visually impaired kind of passed me by. But other than that I thought that it was a fantastic show that I highly recommend everyone go see whilst they still can.

Then once the show had finally finished, we headed off back into Bradford to catch our Bus.

If you would like to find out more about Fat Friends The Musical, including where you can buy your tickets from, them you can find it online here.

Have you seen Fat Friends The Musical yet? What did you think of it? Did you used to watch it when it was on TV too? Please let me know down below.

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