Five Things That Happen During My Beauty Routine

I absolutely love looking, feeling, and smelling great, but when i’m getting ready, a few things usually happen, and I thought I would tell you five of them.

  1. I will, at some point, cut myself whilst shaving.

It doesn’t matter wether I use a shaving cream, or a shaving gel, I always seem to cut myself. It’s usually just a few little nicks here and there, but I have of course cut myself so severely, that it looked like I had been attacked by a Bear.

2. I will, at some point, get something mixed up with something else.

I can usually tell which product is which by feeling it, but there has been a few occasions where i’ve gotten something mixed up with something else. I once mistook a small tube of Coconut conditioner for a tube of toothpaste, and let me tell you, Coconut conditioner doesn’t taste nice. I also once accidentally mixed up my shaving gel with my shampoo, luckily I got it all out before it did any damage, haha!

3. I will, at some point, accidentally eat some kind of face product.

This always seems to happen when i’m scrubbing my face. I think it’s probably because I get the scrub too close to my lips. It’s partly the reason that I love Sugar and Salt scrubs, plus if you get an all natural scrub, they actually don’t taste that bad.

4. I will always get face mask stuck in my hair.

It doesn’t matter how careful I am, I always get my face mask stuck either  in my eyebrows,facial hair, or in my actual hair. I wouldn’t mind, but depending on the face mask, it’s an absolute nightmare to get out.

5. I will always lose things.

All of my beauty products live on a set of shelves in my room. This means that I have to bring them into the bathroom with me,and because I use so many different products, it usually takes several trips. The only trouble is that I can sometimes forget that i’ve brought them into the bathroom with me. I then end up searching for whatever it is for a good ten minutes, only to realise that I have indeed brought it into the bathroom with me, and that I have just put it down in the wrong place. This also makes me think that i’m going crazy, and i’m pretty sure that i’m already half way there.

These aren’t all the things that happen during my beauty routine, but I thought I would just share five of them with you.

Do any of these happen to you too? What else happens to you during your beauty routine? Please let me know down below.

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Luke x

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One Comment:

  1. Chris Shrigley

    Haha! This is great! I can relate to some of these myself. I love to do a proper wet shave, but it can be a time consuming thing. I use an electric shaver now and save the razor for special occasions.

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