Five Things That Happen When I Attend An Event

I attend quite a lot of events, it’s actually one of the main reasons that I love blogging so much, but when I attend an event, a few things tend to happen, and I thought I would tell you five of them.

  1. I will, at some point, get Lost.

This usually happens when i’m on my way to the event. I will always attend an event with Jamie. I do ask him if he knows where he’s going, and he always says yes, even though he usually hasn’t a clue. I do say that we should use Google or Apple maps to plan our route the evening before, but he always says that he doesn’t need to, and he knows where it is. This means that either Jamie will leave me somewhere while he tries to figure out where we are supposed to be going, or we will admit defeat and order an Uber.

2. I will, at some point, end up Saying the words “I apologise in advance if I hit you with my white cane”.

I usually say this when I meet the events host for the first time, as most of the people there have met me before. I like to say it because as well as it being a fantastic ice breaker, it also alerts the host to be careful when coming up to me throughout the event, and not to stand in front of me, as it’s incredibly likely that I will accidentally hit them with my white cane.

3. I will, at some point, Not realise who someone is.

I will usually get talking to quite a few amazing people during the event, but no one actually introduces themselves. For example, no one ever says, hi Luke, i’m so and so, so I either have to try and listen out for their names, or do the awkward thing of asking on social media after the event if anyone knew who I was talking to, because obviously i’m not going to say after twenty or thirty minutes of talking to someone, what’s your name, am I? After a few times of meeting someone, I do generally figure out who they are by recognising their voice. For example, Kellie has a London accent, so I know that when I hear a voice with a London accent, I know it’s Kellie.

4. I’m usually one of the only male bloggers there.

I’ve been to some incredible events, but in the blogging world, the female bloggers vastly weigh out the male bloggers, in fact I think i’ve only met about three or four male bloggers, so generally me and Jamie are the only males there, well except for any male members of staff that is.

5. I always have lots of fun.

Even though it’s a lot of hassle getting to some of the events, especially while using a white cane, and the incredibly awkward moments while i’m there, I always have tons of fun. I’ve also found out quite a lot of information about topics I wouldn’t of otherwise known about, and have met some incredibly nice and friendly people.

There are loads more things that happen when I attend an event, but I thought I would just tell you five of them.

Have any of these happened to you? What events have you been to lately? Please let me know down below.

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Luke x

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