Five Things I Hate About Christmas Day

Although I absolutely love Christmas, there’s just a few things that I hate about the day itself, and I thought that I would tell you five of them.

A dark green tree, with some blue lights circled around it, next to a dark brown fireplace and a light brown mantle piece, with some red lights circled around the mantle piece.

A picture of the Christmas Tree and fireplace in my living room.

1. Family.

I don’t actually hate my family themselves, haha, what I really hate, is all of the people that comes with hosting Christmas Day, and because there’s a total of eleven of us around the dinner table, three of which are small children who get excited and start to run around, it’s usually just a challenge for me to cross the room without walking into someone.
2. Christmas Crackers.

The thing I hate about Christmas crackers, is their bang, especially when I don’t know that someone is about to pull one. We usually pull all of our crackers at the same time, but of course someone inevitably has to wait until everyone else has finished pulling theirs, before they can pull their own, which ends up giving me one almighty shock.

3. Christmas Hats.

Once I have gotten over the many different bangs from all of the Christmas Crackers, and have opened mine up to find the obligatory cheesy joke, cheap present, and paper hat inside it, I then get accused of not being in the Christmas spirit because I refuse to wear the paper hat. The reason I down right refuse to wear one, is because they never fit, and if I do at some point get convinced into wearing one, I then have to spend the entirety of Christmas dinner, feeling it fall slowly down my head, and the feeling of it falling down my head, physically makes my skin crawl.

4. Leftovers.

One of my favourite things about Christmas Day, most definitely has to be all of the delicious food on offer, but even so, I hate all of the leftovers it creates, as it’s usually me that ends up eating them. Although I don’t mind eating the same meal twice, when i’ve eaten it for five days running, it gets a little repetitive.

5. Sales.

As you probably already know, I absolutely love to shop, and also love a good sale. I just wish that some stores would at least wait until Christmas Day is actually over, before launching their sales, rather than on the day itself.

These aren’t all of the things I hate about Christmas Day, but I thought that I would just tell you five of them.

What do you hate about Christmas Day? What’s your favourite thing about Christmas Day? Please let me know down below.

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Luke x

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  1. I’m so glad we don’t have lots of family over, for different reasons to you I find getting around with lots of people very difficult. I think your reasons are all very valid, I would never make anyone wear a Christmas hat if they didn’t want too. Focus on the things you love about Christmas and enjoy as much as you can.
    There’s only one thing I hate about Christmas and that’s not having all my family here as so many have now passed away x

  2. Hello Luke,

    one thing that I dislike about Christmas is that so many people put so much effort into making the day perfect. That of course leads everyone to stress about it. About twenty years ago I just said “To hec with a perfect Christmas. We eat when dinner is ready, we get to opeen presents at anytime on the day itself, even if it is one minute after midnight or 3am in the morning, if a present is there, open it. In actual fact this attitude made the whole thing much more fun and everyone in our house is much more relaxed about the whole holiday.

    I would like to wish you and all your readers a great Christmas and a very Happy and Prosperous 2017.

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