Five Things I Do To Cope With Motion Sickness

I don’t suffer from Motion Sickness every time that I travel somewhere, but I do suffer from it every so often. It usually tends to be whenever I end up on a Bus with a driver who thinks they’re driving a Racing Car instead of driving a Bus. Well after suffering from it for quite a while, i’ve found a couple of ways to cope with it, and I thought that I would tell you five of them.

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Anyway, that’s enough of me rambling, here’s five things that I do to  cope with Motion Sickness.

1. Concentrating on my Breathing.
I know that it sounds like a massive cliché , but concentrating on my Breathing really helps me, as it takes me away from thinking about the bumpiness of the Road, how fast the driver is going, and most importantly the queasy feeling that I get in the pit of my Stomach that makes me feel like i’m about to throw up when the Bus inevitably goes round a corner too fast.
2. Listening to some Music.
I always find that whenever I feel nauseous, that listening to some of my favourite Music seems to help, especially something with a lot of beat to it that has some killer vocals. I think that it has something to do with the fact that it forces me to concentrate on what i’m listening to rather than on the way that i’m feeling.
3. Drinking something.
Whenever I feel sick, keeping hydrated always seems to make me feel much better, as whatever i’m drinking replaces all of the hydration that i’ve lost through either very watery Burps or almost throwing up every thirty seconds. I usually stick to just Water though, both when i’m feeling sick and afterwards as the bubbles from anything Carbonated just makes me feel a thousand times worse.
4. Eating something.
I think that one of the reasons that Motion Sickness effects me so badly is because I tend to travel on an empty Stomach. So eating something light but still filling like an Energy Bar lines my Stomach just enough to stop me feeling like i’m about to throw up without making me feel bloated.
5. Ending my journey early.
If all else fails and I still feel incredibly sick, I find that ending my journey as soon as I possibly can instantly makes me feel much better. I do have to find a quiet spot to stop and gather my thoughts for a couple of minutes once i’ve stopped moving though, but once I have i’m usually back to my normal, bouncy and sometimes really sarcastic self again.
There’s a lot more things that I do to cope with Motion Sickness, but I thought that I would just tell you five of them.
Do you suffer from Motion Sickness too? How do you cope with it? What’s some of your favourite Music to listen to? Please let me know down below.

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Luke x

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  1. Great tips! I’m much better than I used to be but still don’t feel great on long journeys and boats!

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