Five Things I Hate About Being Visually Impaired 

As well as there being quite a lot that I love about being visually impaired, there’s also quite a lot of things that I hate about it too, and I thought that I would tell you five of them.

me holding a white cane.

A picture of me holding my white cane.

1. Not being able to see.

This is probably quite obvious, as not being able to see isn’t really a barrel of laughs. I would love to be able to see properly, but until they come up with some kind of a cure, it is what it is.

2. The accidents that I get myself into.

I hate walking into something or knocking something over because I didn’t see it, as not only do I often hurt myself, but it’s also incredibly embarrassing. I suppose that there’s a little upside to it though, as if I didn’t get myself into all these accidents, I probably wouldn’t have started my Accidental Adventures series, haha!

3. People’s misconceptions that I can be cured if I…

This really gets under my skin, as for some reason, people seem to think that if I pray, change my diet, or have some kind of surgery, that I would be able to see properly.

Firstly, the if I pray thing really irritates me as I don’t believe in God. I have nothing against people who do, I just don’t believe in God myself. Secondly, the change your diet thing really irritates me as I actually eat really healthily, yes I have the occasional treat, but I generally have a pretty good diet and drink so much water that i’m convinced I used to be a fish in a previous life. But it’s the can’t you have some kind of surgery that irritates me the most, as when they ask me that, I want to scream back of course I can’t, if there was a cure don’t you think I would have tried it by now? But of course I politely say unfortunately not, and try to answer any other questions that they might have.

4. That the visually impaired community is severely underestimated.

This really bugs me, as for some unknown reason, people seem to think that people who are visually impaired can’t do things like look after themselves, work, or do things that fully sighted people can do, and this simply just isn’t true. In my experience, people who are visually impaired are actually incredibly intelligent, live on their own, work, and look after themselves pretty well. I would love to see a day when everyone who is visually impaired is in full time employment, but unfortunately this isn’t the case just yet.

5. That things have to be made accessible for me to be able to use them.

I would love to be able to not worry that I wont be able to use something because it’s not accessible to me, but unfortunately I can’t. For instance, I have Sky+, which is a digital TV service, and they have an iPhone app that not only controls my TV, but also allows me to access the shows that i’ve recorded on my set top box. Unfortunately though, in April the Planner section of their app, which is how I access my recorded TV shows, stopped working with VoiceOver for some reason. Luckily they have now fixed the issue, but whilst it wasn’t working, I had to get Jamie or someone else who was in the house to access the show that I wanted to watch for me, which as you can probably guess, was quite irritating.

There are a lot more things I hate about being visually impaired, but I thought that I would just tell you five of them.

What do you hate about being visually impaired? Why do you hate it? Please let me know down below.

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Luke x

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