Five Things I Hate About Living Opposite A Fairground

Most children probably dream of living near a Fairground, well I unfortunately happen to live opposite one, and I thought that I would tell you the five things that I hate about it.

A bright Red Metal Ferris Wheel behind a white rectangular banner that has Tickets written in bold Red writing on it, on a white background.

A picture of a Fairground.

1. The excess noise.

With there being quite a lot of noise, from the rides themselves to the thump, thump, thump of the Dance Music that every ride seems to have on a loop and even the hundreds of people screaming, the amount of noise can get extremely irritating. But the Fairground opposite me have decided to add an extremely loud Horn that goes off every ten minutes to one of their rides, which is not only infuriatingly irritating but after a little while also means that I end up with an almighty Migraine.

2. All of the different smells.

Even though Fairground Food like Burgers and Chips, Candy Floss and Doughnuts are some of the best junk Food on the planet, the smells of the Trucks that create them combined with the Petrol fumes from all of the rides doesn’t really make for a nice smell. It also lingers in the Air for a couple of days after the Fair has gone too, so even though the Fair technically isn’t there anymore, the Air around my Street still smells like burning Chip Fat.

3. All of the anti-social behaviour.

Even though the Fair attracts an influx of People to the area, most of which are well behaved and only want to have a good time with their Families, there are still quite a lot of people, mainly Teenagers, who only come to cause trouble. The trouble has actually gotten so out of hand that on busier nights like Fridays and Saturdays, that they have to have some kind of Police presence at the Entrance Gate.

4. The mess that it leaves behind.

Even though the Fair itself is only there for four weeks out of the year, it does create quite a lot of mess. From people dropping their litter to the fact that so many people walking on a Field turns it into a boggy Swamp that you can’t walk through without getting coated in mud, it makes the entire area look like a bomb has hit it. My front room window also happens to look directly out on to the Field where the Fair is being held, which means that for at least four weeks out of the year, the view from my Window looks like an absolute tip.

5. The lack of Parking.

Even though the Fair itself is quite big, the area around it is only a small Village. This means that whenever the Fair arrives and people descend to have a good time, that the Roads around my House tend to become incredibly crowded. People also don’t tend to care where they’ve parked their Cars either, so often park directly outside my Back Garden Gate that’s on a little Dirt track and not technically a Road. This means that whenever I want to get out of my Garden, that I either have to be really careful, or end up walking into someone’s Car with my Cane.

There’s a lot more things that I hate about living opposite a Fairground, but I thought that I would just tell you five of them.

Do you live opposite a Fairground too? What do you love or hate about it? What’s your favourite Rollercoaster? Please let me know down below.

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Luke x

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