Five Things I Use My Phone For On A Daily Basis

A little while ago, a Picture of a Visually Impaired Woman using her Phone on a Train was shared on Social Media along with quite a lot of comments about how she can’t be Visually Impaired if she can use a Phone. Well contrary to that post, people who are Visually Impaired can in fact use a Phone, and I thought that I would tell you five of the things that I use mine for on a daily basis.

Before we get started, I should say that I have an iPhone XR, and I chose it because like all of Apple’s devices, it has a range of outstanding Accessibility features, including VoiceOver which reads what’s on the screen to you, Zoom which enlarges everything that’s on the screen, inverted colours that reverses the colours so that anything in White becomes Black, and larger Text size. I generally use VoiceOver, Inverted Colours, and larger Text size, as it’s what works best for me.

I also want to say to anyone who isn’t Visually Impaired, that just because we can’t see properly, doesn’t mean that we can’t do the same things as you. In fact, 93% of Visually Impaired people can actually see something and aren’t completely Blind.

Anyway, that’s enough of me rambling, here’s five things that I use my Phone for on a daily basis.

A black iPhone, a silver pen, and a notebook next to a laptop on a white rectangular table, on a white background.

A picture of an iPhone, a silver pen, a notebook, and a laptop on a white table.

1. Seeing things.

In recent years, Artificial Intelligence, AI, and Optical Character Recognition, OCR, Technology has come on leaps and bounds so that it can now be used by us to see things like objects, text, barcodes, handwriting, whether the light is on or off, people, and even our surroundings. I tend to use either Microsoft Seeing AI , Tap Tap See or Digit-Eyes, as I think that they’re all fantastic Apps that are really easy to use and do their job brilliantly well.

2. Finding places.

GPS Apps are amazing, because as well as being able to figure out where we are suppose to go to get to our destination, they also allow us to know what’s around us, and also plan a route so that we don’t get lost in the first place. I tend to use Google Maps as I think that it’s a lot better than the in-built Apple one, and Microsoft Soundscape as it tells me when I pass key points in my journey like Bus Stops and roads.

3. Checking Social Media.

Social Media is fantastic, as it allows us to interact with people, find out the News, get recommendations ,and even post Pictures and Videos of our day. I tend to use Twitter as I think that it’s easy to use and fairly accessible with things like enlarged text and Image Descriptions, and Instagram, as I love to see what people are up to through Instagram Stories and with the addition of Photo descriptions, is starting to become a little bit more accessible.

4. Capturing things.

I love to capture things as I go about my day, whether that’s Photos to post to Instagram when I get home, or Video Clips to turn into a Vlog later. I tend to use the in-built Camera App, because not only is it incredibly easy to use, it’s also totally accessible as VoiceOver tells you where the Shutter Button is and where your Face is on the Screen if you want to take a Selfie.

5. Listening to things.

I get bored really easily, especially when i’m travelling on a Train or a Bus, so having either Music to listen toor my current Book to read is very important. I tend to use either the in-built Music App, Amazon Music or Spotify, as I think that they’re all fairly accessible and easy to use, and either Audible or Dolphin Easy Reader for my Book, as I think that they’re both really easy to use and offer an incredible selection of Books to read.

There’s a lot more things that I use my Phone for on a daily basis, but I thought that I would just tell you five of them.

What do you use your Phone for on a daily basis? Are you Visually Impaired too? What Phone do you have? Please let me know down below.

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Luke x

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