Five Things I Would Like To Achieve In 2018, and Did I Achieve 2017’s Goals?

At the beginning of the year, I always like to set myself some little goals, nothing too big, just a few things that I would like to achieve throughout the year, and I thought that I would tell you the five things that I would like to achieve in 2018, as well as whether or not I managed to achieve 2017’s goals.

The reason I call them goals and not resolutions, is because if I set myself a New Years Resolution, come the 3rd of January, I will have given up on whatever it was I was trying to achieve.

Anyway, here’s five things that I would like to achieve in 2018.

1. Eat more healthily.
I don’t want to completely change my diet, I just want to cut out some of the junk that I eat, and who knows, maybe even lose a little bit of weight along the way.
2. Read at least two Books a month.
I always have a book on the go anyway, but I would love to read at least 24 books next year, and especially read more of the genres that I don’t usually look twice at.
3. Be less stressed.
Ok, so this is probably unachievable, because as we all know, I get easily stressed out, especially by people who get in the way of my White Cane. But I can at least try, right?
4. Try not to spend as much money.
Ok, so this one is also probably unachievable, because as we all know, I have a major shopping addiction. But I would love to save a little bit of money, and treat myself to something really nice at the end of the year.
5. Redecorate my room.
I love my room, but if you’ve watched any of my YouTube videos lately, you’ll have noticed that the wallpaper is more or less falling off of the walls, and I would love to make it look at least half way decent.

There you go, that’s the five things that I would love to achieve in 2018. But did I manage to achieve 2017’s goals?

Well yes and no. I managed to achieve three of them, but I seriously failed on the other two, haha!
1. Lose a little bit of weight.
Unfortunately I didn’t manage to achieve this one,I think  it’s mainly because of all the junk I generally eat, but who know’s, maybe 2018 will be different?
2. Visit a city I haven’t visited before.
I did manage to achieve this one, as in May, both me and Jamie visited Sheffield to see Anastacia perform live in concert.
3. Finally have Afternoon Tea.
I manage to achieve this one too, as I went for Afternoon Tea twice this year, the first was at the Radison Blue Leeds, and the second was at Patisserie Valerie Bradford.
4. Reach 1,000 Instagram followers.
I unfortunately didn’t manage to achieve this one, but I don’t think that it was all my fault, as Instagram have majorly changed their algorithm over the past twelve months, which has made it incredibly hard for anyone to grow their following.
5. Grow a decent looking Beard.
I managed to achieve this one too, as even though it’s not the best looking Beard in the world, I do have one.
What do you think of what I would like to achieve in 2018? Do you think me achieving three out of five goals is good or bad? Please let me know down below.

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Luke x

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  1. Stephanie (Complete Communication)

    Great goals! I also didn’t achieve weight loss in 2017, but I am making it a top priority this year because my weight is really impacting my health. I like that your goals seem manageable and realistic, too.

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