Five Things That I Use My Amazon Echo For On A Daily Basis

With Christmas just around the corner, I have a feeling that many Tech lovers may be finding an Amazon Echo under their Tree. Well after having mine for over a year, I thought that I would tell you the five things that I use it for on a daily basis.

What is an Amazon Echo.

An Amazon Echo, is a smart Speaker created by Amazon that uses the Amazon Alexa Smart Assistant to not only provide you with useful information like the latest News, Sports Results and Weather, but can also stream Music, Call People, control your Home, and even play fun Games like Escape The Room.

Anyway, that’s enough of me rambling, here’s the five things that I use my Amazon Echo for on a daily basis.

A tall cylindrical Black Plastic Speaker that has Amazon written in bold Silver writing on it, on a white background.

A picture of an Amazon Echo.

1. Telling the Time.
With me being Visually Impaired I don’t wear a Watch, because as well as not being able to see most Watch Faces, I can’t stand the feeling of things being wrapped around my Wrist. I know that I can use my Phone to tell me the Time, but even though it’s usually only in my Pocket, I find it much easier to just say, “Alexa, What’s the Time?”. It can also tell me the time in different Countries, which is particularly useful for when I want to talk to one of my many friends around the World and don’t want to worry that i’m waking them up in the middle of the night.
2. Listening to Music or Audiobooks.
I absolutely love listening to Music and Audiobooks, and as well as being able to link it to services such as Amazon Music, Spotify, and TuneIn Radio to listen to thousands of Songs and Radio Stations, it’s also automatically linked to my Audible Account, which means that I can always finish a long day snuggled up in Bed listening to my latest Book.
3. Finding out the latest News and Weather.
Even though I like to know what’s going on in the World around me, listening to a News Reporter dragging out a story that only really needs to be a couple of minutes long makes me want to throw my Remote at the Wall. But with my Amazon Echo, I can get little Flash Briefings from services such as Sky and the BBC, and find out all the latest News in under sixty seconds. I also really like that I can ask “Alexa, What’s the Weather like today?” and be told the current Temperature, whether or not i’ll need a Coat, and even whether or not it’s going to Rain later.
4. Calling people.
Not only can I call anyone in the World who also has an Amazon Echo or the Amazon Alexa App on their Phone, but I can also call other Amazon Echo Devices in the House to find out things like what the Dogs were barking at, remind people to take the Bins out, and even to ask someone to fill the Kettle up for me.

5. Controlling my Home.
With the Amazon Echo you can also control other Smart Devices such as Lights, Door Locks, Thermostats, and even Kettles and Coffee Machines all by saying :Alexa, Turn the Lights on: or :Alexa, Lock the Front Door:. I really like that I can dim the Lights in my Room, schedule my Defuser to turn on, and even find my Phone when I inevitably lose it all without having to move a single Muscle.
There’s a lot more things that I use my Amazon Echo for on a daily Basis, but I thought that I would just tell you five of them.
Do you own an Amazon Echo too? What do you use yours for? What’s some of your favourite Amazon Alexa Skills? Please let me know down below.

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Luke x

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