Five Things That Make The Perfect Bloggers Event

i’ve attended quite a lot of Bloggers events in my time, some of which were amazing, and some that unfortunately just weren’t, and I thought that I would tell you five things that make the perfect Bloggers event.

me wearing a bright yellow t-shirt and a pair of light blue jeans holding a long white cane, on a bright red brick background.
1. Accessibility.

When people are organising a bloggers event, the first thing they think about is the location, and whether or not it will fit the product that they’re trying to promote. This is all well and good, but unfortunately people rarely think about it’s accessibility, and whether or not people with a disability will be able to enter it. For instance, I was once invited to a Cocktail event that was being held at the top of an extremely old Clock Tower, which as you can probably guess was totally inaccessible.
2. Lighting.

Even though i’m visually impaired, I still have a little bit of useful sight left, which actually comes in pretty handy whenever i’m trying to dodge other people in a busy room. So as you can probably guess, good lighting is essential if i’m going to have to move around the room and check things out. But for some reason, people who organise bloggers events seem to give what they’re trying to promote great lighting, and totally forget to properly light the rest of the room. For instance, I recently attended an event that put twinkling Fairy Lights all around the room to make the background of our pictures look nice, but forgot to actually light the rest of the room. This meant that as well as not being able to move around the room properly, that the twinkling Fairy Lights also managed to set off the floaters in my eyes and make me rather disorientated for the rest of the night.
3. An activity.

It’s all well and good inviting bloggers to an event to promote something, but if the event is say two and a half hours long and you’re only promoting four or five products from a recently launched range, we’re going to get pretty bored pretty quickly, as we can only wander around and look at other things for so long.
4. Food and Drink.

Most people who organise a bloggers event tend to think really hard about the food and drink that they want on offer at their event, and usually get it spot on by providing both vegetarian and vegan snacks for us to nibble on. But unfortunately there’s still some that get it incredibly wrong. For instance, I once went to an event to promote a newly opened restaurant, and rather than giving us say canapés or miniature  versions of some of the dishes on the menu to try, thought that it was better to give each table one full dish for them all to share.

5. A goodie bag.

At the end of a Bloggers event we’re sometimes very kindly given a little goodie bag full of samples, promotional merchandise, and even full sized products to take away with us. But for some strange reason, i’ve noticed that whenever i’ve been given a goodie bag lately, it’s either full of old and out of date products, or full of products that have absolutely nothing to do with what they’ve been trying to promote. For instance, if you’re trying to promote a fruity smelling Shower Gel, don’t give us a sample of a moisturising Face Mask as it’s totally irrelevant to what you want us to write about.

There’s a lot more things that make the perfect Bloggers event, but I thought that I would just tell you five of them.
What do you think makes the perfect bloggers event? What are some of the best and worst events you’ve been invited to? Please let me know down below.

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Luke x

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