Five Things That Scare Me Being Visually Impaired

Even though i’m usually quite a confident person, there’s actually a lot that scares me being visually impaired, and I thought that I would tell you five of them.

me holding a white cane.

A picture of me holding my white cane.

  1.  Wet Floor Signs.
    Picture the scene if you can… I’ve decided to head into Leeds, so I catch the Bus into Bradford, and eventually walk into the Bradford Interchange and head to the train platform’s using the escalators that are located opposite the door. So, i’m walking along and swishing my white cane from left to right, but because the cleaning staff have recently cleaned the floor in between the door and the escalators, they’ve laid out a wet floor sign so that no one slips and hurts themselves. The only trouble with this however, is that because the wet floor sign is so close to the floor, I don’t notice it when i’m swishing my white cane and often send it flying off into the distance. I wouldn’t mind, but because the wet floor sign is usually out of my eye line, I can’t tell whether i’ve actually hit a wet floor sign, a person, or something else like a wall or a bin.
  2.  Camera Flashes.
    I know that it might sound a little strange to be scared of camera flashes, but being invited to a blogging event with a lot of other bloggers, means that i’m constantly surrounded by them, and because I have a slight bit of light sensitivity, it means that whenever a camera flash goes off in my eye line, my eyes react by doing something that I lovingly call “Purple Eye”, which is where tiny flecks of imaginary purple confetti start to float around my eyes.
  3.  Loud Noises.
    I’m not sure if this is because my ears are a little bit more attuned to my surroundings than most people’s are, but whenever I hear a loud noise, like a glass being banged on a table for instance, it always makes me flinch or gasp a little.
  4.  Hybrid Cars.
    Picture the scene if you can… I’m just about to cross the road, so I place my white cane on the edge of the curb and use my ears to figure out whether there are any cars coming or not. I eventually figure out that there isn’t, and start to cross the road. But because a silent hybrid car is also coming down the road at the same time, I don’t hear it coming until I feel it’s vibrations a couple of inches away from me, meaning that I only just miss being run over.
  5.  Bugs.

i think it’s because I can’t actually tell whether a Bug is in the room or not until I hear it buzzing past my ear. But whenever I hear a Bug, whether it’s a Fly, a Bee, or a Wasp, I instantly freeze like a statue until i’m certain that it’s left the room, as I don’t actually know where it is, or what it’s going to do.
There’s a lot more things that scare me being visually impaired, but I thought that I would just tell you five of them.

Is there anything that scares you being visually impaired? What is it? Why are you scared of it? Please let me know down below.

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Luke x

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  1. Great read , thanks for sharing a few of your fears . I use a guide dog and stray or unleashed dogs charging up at us can make me panic a bit .

    • Thanks and I would imagine it would. Not sure why someone would have their dog unleashed in the first place though. It’s just stupid.

  2. Ditto. And those are just the minor fears! I include potholes or just uneven sidewalks or pavement, rocks lying in wait on the walkway, concrete car bumpers, stupidly uneven stairs with no railings, and low hanging tree branches.

  3. Hello Luke,

    thanks for sharing some of your fears. I can also admit to fear of hybrid and electric vehicles having been hit by a Toyota Prius while crossing a street, not seriously injured myself I did end up with a cane which was so badly bent you could say that I could see around corners. LOL

    My personal worst fear is walking in high places, for instance our local baseball ground here in Fresno, California. The main concourse of the stadium is built at ground level at the street side of the building but the seating and playing field drops quickly away inside. The drop is about forty feet or so and though there are some barriers at waist height along the top of the lower level seating there is a very steep drop off for numerous flights of stairs down to the playing field level seating.

    Going to a game is pretty nerve wracking for me as I generally like to keep to the walls of the various concessions stands.

    • lukesamsowden

      Jesus i bet that was incredibly scary, and I totally understand why the stadium would be scary as well. I hope both you and your white cane are ok now.

  4. Allan MacDonald

    I’m apprehensive about shopping trollies lying about the streets as they’re not visable till you’re near enough clipping them with the white cane.

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  6. I can certainly sympathise with the ‘Bugs’ fear. My wife, who is blind, absolutely freezes when she hears a flying insect or I accidentally remark on the particularly impressive size of a spider making a dash across the living room floor. In the home, we’ve tried to minimise bug access with voiles and nets hung over outside doors and windows we keep open but I’m currently looking for more permanent options. Tilt and turn windows, that open inwards into the house, make it a particular challenge.

    She is just training with her first guide dog. As Mr Andy mentioned, there’s a whole new set of scary things that come with that. The positives vastly outweigh the negatives but from off-lead dogs to ‘has my dog just done a poo and where is it’, it is a challenge.

  7. I’m also afraid of the wet floor signs (and little kids cause I can’t see them all the way down there) lol. Also, meeting people for the first time and I can’t see them reach their hand out to shake.

    Thanks for this post ?

  8. Hello,

    I guess mine, or at least the one which causes me the most angst on a daily basis is road crossings where I can’t see the lights and have to play the guessing game. Had tackle 4 crossing in the space of about 15 mins one day last week. I was a bit of a mess by the time I reached my destination:(

  9. Hello,

    I guess mine, or at least the one which causes me the most angst on a daily basis is road crossings where I can’t see the lights and have to play the guessing game. Had tackle 4 crossing in the space of about 15 mins one day last week. I was a bit of a mess by the time I reached my destination:(

  10. Great read! Thanks for sharing. Dark restaurants make me uneasy. I have difficulty reading the menu and finding the restroom. Forgot to include that I will knock something on the table over. I’m from New Orleans. Need I say more about food? I go to restaurants anyway.

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