Five Things That Happen When I’m Using My White Cane

I love being out and about using my white cane. When I do, a few things usually happen to me, and I thought I would tell you five of them.

  1. I will always get stuck at some point.

I think this has something to do with the state of the pavements, but because there’s massive gaps in between each pavement slap, my white cane will invariably get stuck in one of the gaps. I wouldn’t mind this too much, but it always makes me look like a complete and utter moron trying to yank a white cane out of the pavement, because of course it won’t come out as easily as it went in, will it?

2. I will at some point, hit myself.

I often don’t realise when my white cane has gotten stuck, so when I try to move it again, it usually swings back and hits me in the rib cage, stomach, or arm, and yes, it bloody hurts.

3. I will at some point, hit someone, or something.

If i’m in a busy place with a lot of people, then of course i’m going to accidentally hit someone or something. After all, one of the main benefits of me using a white cane is that it stops me from walking into things that I don’t see.  The only thing is, i’ve stopped apologising for doing so. I do if it’s quite obvious that I saw them coming, but the times that people can see me coming and choose to either not move, or blatantly walk into me, I don’t. I mean, i’m holding a massive white cane that you can see from space, the only reason you wouldn’t be able to see it is if you were either blind, or visually impaired yourself. If you see me, or any other blind or visually impaired white cane user coming, please move out of our way.

4. I will at some point, get my white cane ripped from my hands.

This one is mainly because of ignorant people who are in some kind of a rush, and would rather arrive where they want to go than watch where they are going. The main place that this happens is outside Leeds Station. I wouldn’t really mind, but this on average happens once a week, and not once after doing it has anyone stopped, asked if i’m ok, or offered to pick my white cane up for me, which when you think about it is absolutely appalling.

5. I will at some point, get asked questions by absolute strangers.

When this happens, it usually restores my faith in humanity, especially after all the ignorant people who rip my white cane out of my hands. The only trouble is, that some of the questions range from concerned, are you ok’s? to the down right weird. For instance, someone once asked me on a train platform, where he could donate? Urm donate money for what?

These aren’t all the things that happen when i’m using my white cane, but I thought I would just share a few.

Do any of these happen to you? What else has happened to you when you’re using your white cane? Please let me know down below.

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Luke x

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  1. Really interesting post. A guy using a cane once came round the corner very quickly while I was walking in London. I’m not particularly well coordinated and ended up tripping over his cane multiple times, sort of like a skip it. I was mortified as he didn’t have a clue what was happening and every time I tried to move I tripped over it again. As it was London, no one stopped to help. Eventually we disentangled ourselves and he went on his way. I am interested to know though, how you know when it’s safe to cross at a soundless crossing I.e. The green man ones?

  2. Of course your white cane doesn’t want to come out of the cracks in the pavement easily because then that would look better. I’m sorry that happens and I can only imagine the annoyance it causes. As for people being rude I can’t believe that they don’t even apologize or try to help you. Ugh, people are the worst sometimes.

    Single Vegas Girl

  3. Most annoying thing is when someone darts in front of you, trips over the cage and then looks at your add though it’s YOUR fault! 🙂

  4. The part about trying to pull your cane out of a gap in the pavement reminds me of pulling the sword out of the stone. When I used to use a white cane, I’ve experienced all problems. The worst nightmare is being pulled accross a busy road by a complete stranger when I didn’t even want to cross it.

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  6. Thanks fir your pists. People are always in a hurry and they are rude an unapologetic, very sad. I use a cane because of my bad back. People don’t 10% of the people abd 90% could careless. I wasn’t brought up that way!! I wish more people were! And will even more now that I read your post. I also posted it on my facebook page. Maybe they could make a bigger rubber end for the white canes that won’t get stuck in the pavements spaces! Wouldn’t that be great!!! Best Wishes Debbie Wright Cheers from Santa Barbara, California?

  7. Sorry about my typos my glasses are in need of updating. Of coure I meant Thank you for your posts!! Forgive any others I may of missed. I do not see an edit button!

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