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For some reason, no matter whether it’s hot or cold, my feet always feel incredibly cold. That’s why when the guys over at Heat Holders very kindly asked me if I would like to try a pair of their Mens Original Socks, I of course said yes. Well i’ve been wearing them for a little while now, and I thought that I would tell you what I thought of them.

Here’s what Heat Holders say about themselves.

the warmest thermal sock in the world… is a statement that we don’t make lightly, but one we have a lot of confidence in, and a title we believe we have earned.

Heat Holders, are thermal socks which possess a 2.34 tog rating, and have been produced using a unique three-stage knitting process. This means that our customers can be certain that wearing Heat Holders will keep their feet warm like no other sock has before. Our reputation has grown tremendously, with over 10 million pairs sold worldwide so far, but our success wasn’t achieved overnight, and the creation of such an innovating and high-quality product took years of brainstorming, design, and experimentation.

A pair of Black socks in a Yellow and Red cardboard sleeve that has Heat Holders written on it in large black writing, on a white background.

A picture of the Heat Holders Black Mens Original Socks.

I was very kindly sent two pairs of the Heat Holders Mens Original Socks in size six to eleven.

Here’s what Heat Holders say about their Mens Original Socks.

Rightly known as “the ultimate thermal sock”, Heat Holders Original Socks offer a 2.3 tog rating, ensuring that you’ll never get cold feet again! Whether you are active outdoors, working in a cold environment, or simply want a bit of extra comfort throughout the colder months, Heat Holders are the number one choice.

Their size.

I didn’t really like their size, as they didn’t have the traditional size that most socks would have. For example, if you have size nine feet, then you will have the same sock size, but because these could fit anyone with a shoe size of between six and eleven, they didn’t fit the best, and tended to fall down every so often.

A person wearing a pair of Black socks that has a thick horizontal white stripe and a thinner bright Red stripe at the ankle, on a bright background.

A picture of me wearing a pair of the Heat Holders Mens Original Socks.

Their material.

I absolutely loved their material, as not only were they incredibly thick on both the inside and the outside, they also made my feet feel like I was walking on a cloud.

A person wearing a black sock that has a thick horizontal white stripe and a thinner bright Red stripe at the ankle, on a beige carpeted background.

A picture of me wearing an inside out Heat Holders Mens Original Sock.

What happened when I wore them.

I really liked these when I wore them, as not only did they keep my incredibly cold feet warm, which is quite difficult to do, they also kept my feet from throbbing or blistering when i had been on my feet all day.

Their packaging.

I really liked their packaging, as even though they came in a generic everyday cardboard sleeve, I thought that their packaging looked and felt really professional.
My overall thoughts.

Overall I would have to rate the Heat Holders Original Mens Socks an eight point five out of ten. I really liked them, as I absolutely loved their material, and that they actually managed to keep my feet warm, but I really didn’t like their size, as I hated having to pull them up every so often. Other than that, I loved them, and am planning on purchasing quite a few more pairs of these fantastic socks, especially when the weather gets much colder.

If you would like to buy a pair of the Heat Holders Mens Original Socks for yourselves, then you can buy them online here.

I was very kindly sent two pairs of the Heat Holders Mens Original Socks to review, but all thoughts, opinions, and general ramblings are my own.

Have you ever tried a pair of Heat Holders socks before? What did you think of them? What’s your favourite brand of socks? Please let me know down below.

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Luke x

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