I Bloody Hate | Halloween

For most people Halloween is a time for you to dress in your most ghoolish costume and bindge on so much Sugar you don’t come down from the high until several days later. If you have some kind of visual impairment, Halloween is one of the most irritating nights of not only the holiday season but the whole bloody year!

Picture the scene, I’ve just sat down and gotten comfy, and then comes that dreded sound, yes, a knock at the door! Not only do I have to get up, but this means that the dog has gone off barking like a nutter. Once I finally reach the door, minus a few chunks of skin, I’m greeted by a load of kids in masks that actually makes them look better, demanding sweets. Piss off!
Jesus I hate Halloween! Walking around in the dark looking like you’ve just killed someone isn’t fun. I can’t see in the dark, well unless I know where I am, and dodging hords of Sugar filled kids screaming doesn’t help.

Not only that, people think that jumping out and screaming at you is a bloody joke. Um no! I can’t see you as it is, so you think ahh! He’ll find it funny. No I don’t! Not only does it irritate me, but I’m now on edge thinking everyone else is going to do it.

As you can tell, I hate Halloween! If anyone wants me, I’m watching my shows, and inhaling chocolate. Oh, and if you knock, I won’t be answering, well unless I’ve finally cracked and I’ve decided to stab you!!!

Do you hate Halloween too?

Happy Halloween

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Luke x

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  1. Yep another hater here. It’s another Americanism that we seem to have embraced! Even kids in school are encouraged to have Halloween parties!

    We are lucky most of them bypass our house as we’re down a lane.
    Our local police have a ‘No trick or treat’ poster that you can put in the window.

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