I Bloody Hate | Pavements

Why are no two pavement slabs level?
When I’m out and about you’ll probably see me swinging a massive white cane about. Now, for me to move smoothly, the rollerball needs to glide across the pavement. I’ve been using a cane for three years and never once has this happened.
I used to think, it’s just this city, but this year alone I’ve been to Bradford, Leeds, Liverpool, London, and York, and all the pavements have been the same.
Ok, so I get that some streets just have old pavements and that naturally means they won’t be level, but I’ve been down quite a few streets with recently laid slabs, and even those aren’t level.
One of the consequences of uneven pavements is an extremely disoriented large blind Guy getting his cane caught. That means I stumble and end up going arse over tit and end up sprawled in the middle of the street while people just walk past
How hard is it to put two paving slaps next to each other level?
Before anyone asks, yes I’ve tried a different tip and it makes absolutely no difference.
I’m really convinced they do it on purpose.
What do you think? Do you hate pavements too? Why? Please let me know below.

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Luke x

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  1. Hi Luke, I’m a wheelchair user & I have similar problems, including being thrown out once when striking an uneven slab at speed by Holborn tube.The trouble is that able-bodied, sighted people adjust so auomatically to uneven surfaces, they just don’t notice them!

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