I’ll Never Be Outta Love | Anastacia Ultimate Collection Tour Manchester

If you follow me on Twitter, you’ll probably already know that last Thursday I travelled down to wonderful Manchester to see Anastacia, my favourite artist in the world, perform her Ultimate Collection tour. After having an out of this world evening, I thought I would share my favourite moments.

Before I get into my favourite moments of the evening, I just want to mention the incredible support artist, Philippa Hannah. She had a real country kind of vibe going on, and her voice was incredible. You really have to check her out.

Her entrance with Army Of Me was phenomenal, and got everyone in the mood for the rest of the evening. It shuck the floor it was that full of base, well all the songs did.

She of course performed I’m Outta Love, Paid My Dues, Cowboys and Kisses, and I’m Not That Kind, which were all out of this world.

Her Spanish twist on Why’d You Lie To Me was incredible, and really suited the song. It was really upbeat, and Why’d You Lie To Me is already quite upbeat. I really think she should release it as a special edition song.

Her more ballad type songs were also incredible, she performed You’ll Never Be Alone, In Your Eyes, the song we all got to choose through her app, and Stay, all of which were outstanding. She actually talked to us before performing Stay,thanking us for being with her through the tough times which actually made me cry a little.

All of her performance blew me away, but the finale was out of this world. The first part was an extremely haunting performance of Left Outside Alone featuring some operatic notes at the beginning, and the second part was a kick ass performance of One Day In Your Life which absolutely blew the roof off.

This is just some of the songs she performed, but she also performed a whole load more, and of course I was singing, clapping, and rocking out to all of it. My throat really hurt the morning after, but that’s the result of an incredible night.

I am over the moon to have finally seen her perform live after being a massive fan of hers for over twelve years. If you can still get tickets, I highly recommend, in fact I demand you go see the incredible voice that is Anastacia!


Have you seen Anastacia perform live too? What was your favourite part? Please let me know down below.

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Luke x

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