We’re Golden | Kylie Minogue Golden Tour Manchester

A little while ago, both me and Jamie went to see one of my favourite artists, Kylie Minogue, perform her Golden Tour in Manchester, and after having an absolutely amazing time, I thought that I would tell you some of my favourite moments from the evening.

A short woman with blond hair wearing a white jumpsuit and holding a white microphone kneeling on one knee on a dark wooden stage, on a white background.

A picture of Kylie Minogue performing her Golden Tour taken by Kathryn Murray.

Her entrance of Golden was outstanding, because as well as being so full of Base that it shuck the Floor, it also got everyone in the mood for the rest of the evening and had an ever so slightly Middle Eastern vibe to it that I thought added a really nice twist to the original Song.
She of course performed Get Out Of My Way, a jazzed up version of Better The Devil You Know, Kids, and Stop Me From Falling, which I thought were all absolutely amazing.
Her more Ballad songs were also outstanding, as she performed an entrancing version of Blue Velvet, a very rocky and moody version of Confide In Me, and a very slow downed version of Radio On, that I thought all sounded fantastic. .
I also really liked that she performed a sped up version of one of my favourite Songs, It’s In Your Eyes, that I think she should release as a special addition Single.
I also really liked that she lead into the interval with a really rocky version of Can’t Get You Out Of My Head, and reopened with a very cinematic version of Slow, that I thought got everyone in the mood for the second half of the Show.
Another thing that I really liked was the amount of audience interaction, as during one Song she passed a Rose out and encouraged people to pass it to the back of the Room, and then before she sang Shelby 68 she told us a really funny story about how it’s actually the Car that her Dad used to drive when she was a Child.
All of her performance blew me away, but I also really liked that she finished off the entire show with some great versions of On A Night Like This, The Locomotion, Spinning Around, and Dancing that I thought brought the evening to a fantastic end.
This was just a few of my favourite moments from the evening, but she also performed a whole lot more, and I of course was Singing, Clapping, and generally Rocking out to it all. My Voice and Throat actually hurt quite a lot the next day, but I think that’s just the result of a fantastic evening, haha!
I am absolutely thrilled to have finally seen her perform live after being a fan for most of my life, and if you can still get your Hands on some Tickets, I highly recommend that you go see her, as she’s amazing!
Have you seen Kylie Minogue perform live yet? What was your favourite moment? What’s your favourite Kylie Minogue Song? Please let me know down below.

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Luke x

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