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Hi all my wonderful readers. I hope you’re all having a brilliant day.

As you may already know, I am a candle addict!

I’m still a massive Yankee Candles lover, but I recently discovered a new brand, and I thought I would tell you all about them.

The brand I am talking about is called Woodwick Candles.

Woodwick Candles are produced by Virginia Candle Company. The company was founded in 1990 in a little garage in Linchberg, Virginia.

Their goal when starting out, was to create innovative products available to everyone.

Virginia Candle Company are also extremely ecofriendly. They use organic woods, essential oils and renewable waxes in all their candles. They try to be kind to the planet.

They claim that their candles will nourish your senses and enhance your homes decor.

Woodwick have all of the normal scents you would expect. They have the normal baby powder, cherry and apple, but they also have a few extremely interesting scents, like mimosa and sea salted caramel.

They even have a range of layered candles. With three different scents that all compliment each other. Take the Summer Fruits for instance contains, apple, cherry, and blackcurrent. It encompases all the different changes of the season.

The scent payoff is incredible. Once you light one of their wonderful candles, it only takes twenty five minutes to fill the entire room. You can even smell it through the rest of the house. I really can’t believe the amout of scent you get from one of their candles.

The main reason I have grown to love their brand, has to be the wicks. As I mentoned above, they are all organic, but their wicks are also a little magical. Their wicks burn cleanly and for a lot longer than you would think. They also emit the most wonderful crackling sound. It makes you feel like you’re sat by the fire on a crisp autumns day. If you want to see what I am on about, just check out my instagram feed.

Not only are the candles and the scents themselves amazing, but the packaging is gorgeous. It is a glass jar as you would expect, but with a touch of modern ecoism. The glass is thinner in the middle and wider at the top and the botton. The middle has a little popart design. The lid is also made out of renewable organic wood. You can tell they have thought about absolutely everything.

A candle can be the final finishing touch to your rooms decor, and you can tell they had this in mind when creating their brand.

I am extremely impressed with the scent, look, and feel of their candles, and I know you will be too.

I would rate their brand overall a ten out of ten. I am extremely picky when it comes to candles. I have only managed to picked up two of their candles so far, and I am in love with the scents. When I am after a new scent, I will be heading straight to Woodwick Candles.

If you would like to check out and maybe buy your very own Woodwihereck Candle, you can buy them from their online store .

Have you tried Woodwick Candles? What did you think? Please let me know down below.

Luke x

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Luke x

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  1. I really like Yankee Candles but they are a bit standard now, Woodwick ones sound fab – especially the cracking wicks!

    India |

    • lukesamsowden

      Know exactly what you mean. The woodwicks are a little priceier but well worth it

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