Locked In A Lush | Lush Leeds Spa Relaunch 

I have to admit, Lush Leeds Spa has to be one of my favourite stores. It’s mainly because of all the different smells, and last Tuesday i was kindly invited to come and sniff out all of the changes they had made to their intoxicatingly good store.
Firstly, how excited was I? I was going to be able to wonder around the store at my own pace, and not knock into a thousand ignorant thirteen year old’s mumbling under their breath about my cane and getting in my way. Ahhh! Bliss!
Once me and Jamie had arrived, we were greeted by one of the stores many friendly staff members, who instantly knew who we were, not sure what that says to the amount of times we go into Lush, haha! As well as being greeted by the lovely staff member, we were also greeted by Urika. Urika, is one of Lush’s PR team, and had travelled up from London especially for the relaunch. Once we had said hello to Urika, the really friendly staff member gave us both a glass of Champagne, and sent us on our way to look around the store.
My first impressions were, even though the store hadn’t grown, it somehow felt much more spacious and brighter. I’m not sure how they did it. The other thing I noticed was the amazing live music they had. The guy singing and playing his Guitar was amazing and I’m sure he was actually one of the staff members as I had the most overwhelming feeling I had heard his voice before. Whoever he was, he needs to release an album as his voice was incredible.
Anyway enough of me rambling about the music, back to the store.
We started to wonder around and found ourselves at the bath bomb area.
The biggest difference i noticed about the new shelves was that they were a lot more organised, and it felt like there was more shelf space. Again, they hadn’t added more shelves, so god knows how they made it feel like there was more shelf space.
Another thing I noticed was, when I’m usually walking around, because of how high they’ve piled everything, I’m a little afraid of touching anything. It’s usually my luck for the pile to come crashing down around me, but they’ve made the piles much smaller which means I can pick more things up, yay!
After sniffing quite a lot of bath bombs, we wondered over to the face mask area and had a lovely chat with one of the staff members. I’ve always wondered how they manage to stop all that ice from melting, anyone know?
After we had finished our little chat, we wondered over to the soap station. Now because I was dressed all in blue, one of the staff members said I matched one of the soaps, which made me chuckle, haha!

 We then got talking about Lush Leeds Spa’s new queuing system. Instead of anyone just queueing where they want, there’s now little barriers to tell people where to queue. This also means I won’t hit anyone with my cane who is just stood near the checkout, and because of the barriers I know where the queue starts and ends.
After we sniffed a few more soaps, we moved onto the perfume area. I’ve never really looked at their perfumes. It’s nothing to do with their scents, it’s just none of them really suit me. They all smell good enough to eat but there not really me.
After we sniffed a few more perfumes, we moved over to the shower gel area.
I’ve only recently started trying out Lush’s shower gels, so I was eager to find another one I liked, which i did. I’m now obsessed with the Beautiful scent, and when i next pop in, that is definitely coming home with me.
After I had practically fallen in love with a shower gel, don’t judge me, another staff member started telling us the story of the African Paradise scent. That’s why I love Lush, everything has a story.
After the staff member had finished telling us the story, we went to go make a bath bomb. I know what you’re thinking, a blind guy making a bath bomb is a disaster waiting to happen, and for the most part it went rather well. I did have a little trouble putting the gloves on, it wasn’t my fault they were too small. The bath bomb i made was the famous Butter Ball. After the staff member had created the mixture, it was my job to fill up the mould and make it look like a bath bomb. It went quite well, and I ended up with my very own handmade Butterball. The only thing that went wrong was I ended up being covered from head to toe in white dust.
After making our bath bombs, we wondered around for a little while and chatted to a few fellow bloggers that were also at the event.
After a little while, a staff member asked us if we would like a tour of the Spa, so off we went downstairs.
 Once we went downstairs, a lovely staff member started showing us around the many different treatment rooms, and said we could just wonder about. One thing that made me chuckle was the massive bed in the middle of the room. After a little while one of the staff members gathered us around, and started telling us about The Planets treatment and all the steps you go through. She also told us about the Party Treatment, which sounded amazing. She finished speaking and said we could help ourselves to sandwiches and cake. I’m not sure what was in the sandwiches, but the cake was extremely moist. The staff member started talking again and said that there was hand and arm massages if anyone wanted one. Jamie decided to get one so he left me sat down. When he returned his arm smelt amazing. I think they used something from the Comforter Treatment, but I’m not sure.
One of the staff members said that the event was wrapping up so we headed back upstairs.
Nearly everyone had left but there were a few people doing a little bit of shopping, so obviously that’s what we did too, well it would be rude not too, haha! A few pounds lighter and it was time to go, so we said our goodbyes and headed out, but before leaving one of the lovely staff members gave us a goodie bag filled with amazing products. If you want to see what i got, and bought, check out my YouTube channel.
I had an amazing time checking out Lush Leeds Spa’s redesign and I know you will too so please pop by.
I would just like to say a massive thank you to Lush Leeds Spa and all of their lovely staff members for having me.
Have you checked out Lush Leeds Spa’s redesign? What do you think? What’s your favourite Lush product? Please let me know below.

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Luke x

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